Travel Diaries: Phuket 2013 Day 5

9/07/2013 12:10:00 AM

After all the rain that happened the day before, I was glad the weather was letting up, giving us a chance to spend some beach time at our backyard. It's so cool that Marriott in Phuket has the beach walking distance from the villas and the clubhouse! And what's cooler is that Marriott offers not just the private beach stretch, but also not one, not two, but THREE private swimming pools in the area! The one nearest to the villa we stayed in is the North Pool. It's such a quaint pool area that foreigners really love hanging out in to spend some R&R.

I'm definitely missing the beach right now. As of this writing, I'm on semi-vacation mode since my grades are out and I did pretty well this term. I'm just glad it's all over and that I can start afresh come next week after my short break. I do wish I could go back to Phuket and spend some beach time right now. I'd frolic just as happily as I look in the photo above, lol.

It's definitely a place where couples can also spend some time together, may they be celebrating an occasion (like my parents with their 26th wedding anniversary), or a birthday, etc.

Little trivia: We saw these fruits hanging from the palm trees overhead and realized they were the fruits that were displayed in the lobby! Super cool!

Check out the South pool!

The amusing thing I discovered to distinguish the three pools is their color scheme. The North pool goes with a beige-cream color scheme, the Main pool has a more burgundy tone, while the South pool has these lovely royal blues.

Check out the wicked cool water fountain! Perfect for a back massage~

Speaking of grub, we had lunch by the pool courtesy of Cucina! Yummy fish 'n chips~

And some wonderful pizza too! When on vacation, who cares about the diet!

With a lunch like that, we had to take a dip in the pool one more time (after a few moments of digesting the food we ate of course). We were waiting for the sun to set to take more beach photos, so we continued to play around the pool while we still can.

Time to get a move on!

I have to be honest. Whenever I hang out at poolsides, I'm very OC with the cleanliness of the bathrooms. As ironic as it is, it's very rare that I've seen/used a clean bathroom of any hotel with a pool. But with Marriott, they made it a point to keep their poolside bathrooms clean AND interesting. The one here in Phuket is no different! Dark marble interior, mirrored cubicles, and even sensors on the faucet. It's so awesome! Oh, and it helps that they got this cool wall fountain on the way to the bathrooms. I can't even!

Marriott has a LOT of places to hangout in and a LOT of places to grab a bite from. One of their newly opened places is this one by the South pool. The place is so modern too! Check out the furniture outside! Mental note to self: I'mma have one of these in my future home, hahaha!

More beach time!

Taking a closer look at this photo, I look like a wave of whipped cream or soap suds washed over my feet at sea, lolz!

Wishing Kenny was spending the vacation with me! Missed him so badly! <///3 Hope we get to go to places like this in the future together~ ❤

BAYO bikini, Vanillapop shorts, SM Accessories hat, SM Ladies Fashion sheer buttondown, Little Turp sunnies, SM Store flipflops (old), Goody elastics (wrists)

My summer beach essentials. Can't forget to wear sun screen! Nivea and Armada have never failed to keep my skin protected from the sun's rays. The whole time I was under the sun during my stay in Phuket, I didn't get any darker! #Miracle

Poo~! Bye bye foot prints :'(

Sigh~ I miss the private beach on our backyard <///3

Marriott has a lot of activities available everyday. They even have this water aerobics for everyone to enjoy during the late afternoon!

Mom wanted to get some afternoon snacks after the super hot day. So we decided to head back and drop by the turtle village instead.

Turtle fountain in the middle of the whole Turtle Village!

Nothing like a nice order of ice cream after a scorching summer's day~

This seems to be my mantra growing up. Ice cream's my fave dessert since, like, EVER~ ❤

Swensen's has always been a family tradition when in Thailand. The first time I had it was back in 2009 when we visited Bangkok, then the second time was this summer in Phuket. Kinda odd that I haven't had any of their ice cream since they arrived in Manila early this year. Maybe I should change that soon?

When we got back to the villa, we have a new visitor! Welcome to the villa dear little puppy! Looks like the room cleaners appreciated the fact we didn't unfold their elephant towel art since we arrived that they decided to give little elephant some company, heehee :)

Next travel post will be the much awaited island hopping post! Definitely something you guys wouldn't wanna miss :)

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