Lollipop and Bows

9/05/2013 05:52:00 PM

DIY hair bow, Vanillapop sweater dress, Forever 21 thigh-high socks (old), Glam-rock Manila satchel (old), Asianvogue boots (old)

Gearing up for the cold in this transitional style of mine. Just because it's the rainy season doesn't mean we can't look cute or presentable, right? I'm thankful for my petite height since I can rock this otherwise oversized sweater and turn it into a cute sweater dress I can wear to school or on dates. Covering up my legs from the cold with thigh-high socks and warming up my feet with adorable boots. I should get more sweater dresses and boots while I can. They're absolutely perfect for lazy days! Just make sure you wear something underneath the dress (like shorts or a skirt) just in case. People wanna see London, or France, but no one wants to see embarrassing peek-a-boo underpants now, do they?

  (.   .)o

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