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9/16/2013 07:37:00 PM

Kenny and I dropped by the 34th Annual Manila International Book Fair over at the SMX convention center last Saturday after my class ended. Since Bro. Mandy gave him tickets, Kenny asked me if I'd like to come along. I've always loved books since I was a kid. Reading has helped me develop speaking in English and proper grammar. Plus, it's nice to step out of reality once and a while and enter into worlds beyond one's imagination. Kinda like a portable Narnia closet, lolz.

Another reason why Kenny wanted to go to the MIBF is because Bro. Mandy's book that he illustrated for was being sold there! I already have a copy of my own (signed by Kenny of course) but I did wanna see it for myself as well! It's really something when you see a loved one's illustrations on a published book being sold on shelves. Especially since said book is now an award-winning book by the Catholic Mass Media Awards.

I'm so proud of you Kenny!! ❤

The whole MIBF lasted for a week, and since we dropped by on a weekend, the whole place was PACKED. It was just CRAZY! Kenny and I kept looking for a directory, which they should really be handing out as soon as you enter the 4 halls. Some security guards can be found around the sea of people (if you're lucky enough to spot one) so you can ask where the stall is of a specific store or publishing house. Then you look up and you'll see these banners hanging from the ceiling to help guide you according to the rows where a stall is located. Each stall has an assigned number found at the left side of their name. It's like a treasure hunt, really, so patience is really needed.

I kinda wish I had money to spend for this event. But I wasn't originally planning on going since I kinda already spent most of my allowance before the MIBF was held, lolz. So instead, I ended up taking photos of the books I found interesting and some I wish I could buy. Someday, hopefully, I'll have enough to purchase some of these books on my "wish list".

I have only started reading David Levithan's books recently, and I'm glad I decided to pick one up and read it before it's too late. He's a really good writer. No wonder my friends love reading his work. I just finished The Lover's Dictionary, and am currently reading How They Met. So far so good! Everyday is next on my list! BTW, it's the only David Levithan book I saw in the MIBF shelves. Guess people wanted to read his works as well.

I figured there would be Archie on my list. If you follow me on Instagram, I'm sure you know how much of an Archie fan I am. But I also expected that the first to fly off the shelves would be the Married Life series. And I was right. I only got to see these left. Luckily for me, I was able to buy Archie in Will you marry me before they were sold out (Kenny paid for me, but I paid him back when we got home). I've been trying to find one for months and I was beginning to think I'd have to wait till Christmas when they'd possibly restock their Archie collection till Kenny pulled it out from the back of some Archie magazines, lol. Fortunately I got it for 20% off. That's surely the last time I'm spending my money on books for this month. My wallet's beginning to cry!

I'm still curious as to what these books are about...

I used to be a fan of Melissa de la Cruz circa Blue Bloods series back when I was in high school. I'd read the latest book on said series even during my graduation practice during break time, haha! But I stopped reading since The Van Allen Legacy. I kinda lost hope since Schuyler fell for Jack T__T' (I'm a SchuylerXOliver shipper, obviously.) Although I was fairly entertained by the MimiXKingsley thing, call me a hopeless romantic but I still prefered the original pairings. I do hope they don't turn this into a movie. Sometimes books just need to remain as books and not be adapted onto the big screen... I am glad though that Melissa de la Cruz is in Manila for meet-and-greets! Maybe I'd drop by to have my Blue Bloods series signed?

Aside from books, I can't resist having my ootd taken while I'm out of the house. Opportunity taken! Just something simple since I came from school and was freezing my legs off from my classroom's winter weather. I knew that classroom was cold (hence my panda hoodie), but I never expected it to freeze my legs too! Sigh... #tiisgandamoment

 Goody elastic and pins (hair), Eazy Fashion panda hoodie and backpack, 17 Club skirt, Forever 21 socks, Keds X Taylor Swift shoes

Oh, on a side note. Have you seen the new Keds X Taylor Swift F/W 2013 collection? I'm thinking of getting another pair, but am still deciding which one I should get... They're all so cute!

Taking photos of books while Kenny's looking for his LOTR set. He's still on the hunt for a Tolkien set of the entire Lord of the Rings books + The Hobbit. I feel his pain since it's really difficult to get a great copy of a series you like. Apparently it flew off the shelves in the first few days just like the newly printed cover set of the Harry Potter series. Someday, we'll be able to find that set, Kenny! I'll help you look! #determination

Finger puppet book just like the one about the Three Little Kitties in Despicable Me, lolz!

THIS. Is just so cute!

I'm DEFINITELY buying these (in the future when I have money) for my kids to read. And they can play with my Peter Rabbit stuffed toy that Kenny gave me last Christmas :")

I wish they had a Marvel version of this.

THIS. I also want. His street style photography is just asdfghjkl SUPERB!

We only got to stay for an hour (since I still had to do my webanim activity that was due midnight). But after we took my photos in a less crowded area of the convention hall, we saw this view. The halls on the ground floor were for the MIBF, while the ones on the second floor were for the Best of Anime convention that happened to be held on the same day. Talk about even CRAZIER crowds! Also, SM MOA was having their 3-day sale right next door. And to top it all off, There was a game between DLSU and UST in the MOA Arena that afternoon too! I could just imagine how ludacris the traffic that night was... Anyways! If I were to pass by next year's MIBF, I'll hopefully have cash to spend. It's more fun to be in a book fair when you're not dirt poor, haha!

  (.   .)o

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