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9/09/2013 04:30:00 PM

Fifth Code snapback, Next denim vest (old), Dickies socks, SM Store shoes

This is actually something new for me. I was never really into printed clothing/accessories since I usually gear towards the plain old basics. I found it easier to mix and match plains than prints since I don't have to consider if the prints are meshing well together or not. Less patterns, less complexities. Less complexities, less problems, less headaches. And tropical prints were something I stayed away from since I really didn't know how to style them till recently. Actually, tbh, I found it quite a challenge trying to style tropical prints for my personal style. Unlike the usual snapbacks, caps and hats that I usually don, printed caps like the one I'm wearing here is something I found out of my element. 

Out of the three designs Fifth Code released lately, this leafy one has got to be the most challenging to style. But since Kenny and I share custody of this beloved cap (we split the bill on this one, which I took the opportunity to since Kenny rarely finds caps that suit his taste, totally opposite from me since I love wearing caps a lot), I wanted to show that it's wearable by girls as well, and not just limited to guys. Even though Fifth Code started off as a MTO thing catering to men's fashion (specifically blazers that have been worn by noted local celebs and fashion icons), I have always been attracted to their designs since they started years ago. They look so posh and polished, yet totally casual at the same time. Talk about the best of both worlds! (Sorry Miley, I still love your music, but I don't necessarily love you anymore now. But that's just me.) So when Kenny asked me if I wanted to buy from their collection, I jumped at the opportunity immediately.

I wore this cap only once since I got it two weeks ago (as of writing this), since Kenny wanted to keep it first. It took me a while before I figured out how to style it for the first time I was wearing it. Should I make it the main statement, or should I wear it as just a background accessory? What color matches well with green? I even did a mental review of the color wheel thinking of what color compliments the colors found on the cap! Sigh, my inner artist was showing, wth. I settled for making it the main statement of my outfit instead, feeling as though it was the sole purpose of its interesting design in the first place anyways. So not to make the green look lonely and awkward with the blues and grays, I grabbed my green socks with white hearts and frills to keep my cutesy personal style. Sigh, such comfort in the compromise~ ❤

So after I went to school in this outfit, and saw my grades for my MMABIZ1 class (which I totally loathe with every fibre of my being since said subject pulled my GPA and CGPA down), I gave the cap to Kenny on the way home. Not sure if he's worn it already, but perhaps I should take a photo of him wearing it too, soon. I gotta say though, Gian liked this cap of mine (which is kind of an achievement since Gian and I have totally different tastes in style) and finding out that he liked it was quite a flattering compliment. Guess sometimes I have to try to get out of my comfort zone as well when it comes to dressing up. But I think I'll take it slow when it comes to prints and all that jazz. Baby steps for now!

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