Down the Rabbit Hole

9/04/2013 10:56:00 PM

Petit Monde dress (old), Gap cardigan, SM Store flats, Pinkbox hair bow, Green Berries earrings, Forever 21 rings

Wore this ensemble on my last day of the term. I'm beginning to think bunnies are really lucky for me. I got a higher grade on my Webdesp (web design) class, got adorable notebooks for my future diaries (ala As Told By Ginger), and won an awesome power bank out of the blue for my Audiopr (voice acting) class.

Everything that happened to me yesterday felt so surreal.. Especially the Audiopr thing. I love voice acting thinking it was so easy to be a character. Boy, was I ever wrong! It's really more difficult that it looks. Projecting yourself and your emotions ten-fold to give life to something through your voice is so much of a challenge. Getting it right the first time will take you LOTS of practice. My respect for voice actors has increased way more now that I know their job is no joke. I would like to thank my prof, sir Henry Bolo, for believing in what I can do, giving me the confidence to do what I can do to reach my full potential. And of course my friends, Ida, Shirlene and Gian, for directing me during our recordings to get my voice acting right. I couldn't have done it without you guys! Thanks so much! ❤

After stuffing myself with pizza for lunch during the Audiopr awards/party (you can check the full coverage of the whole event by Gian here), I stuffed my face with a bucket of nachos. My stomach's been doing nothing but digest and digest; my metabolism's gotten so fast, I get hungry after 2-3 hours from the last time I ate something. Thank God they're selling nachos now in the school cafeteria!! I've been waiting for it for years! D': It was pretty cool that the grandma who was running the food stall in the caf was super nice. She was like those grandmothers you read in story books where they'd bake cookies for their grandchildren. She told me I looked so adorable, haha! (I'm not bias at all though, lol.) And as she gave me my change, she said "Bye Little Red Riding Hood! I hope you'll like our nachos! Come back again okay? :3" SHE WAS SO CUTE! Ironically, I was Little Red Ridding Hood last year for halloween. I did feel more like Alice yesterday with the blues and white and the bunny accessories, lolz!

If I supposedly fell down the rabbit hole yesterday in this outfit, I sure as hell felt like I was in Wonderland with everything that happened. Thankfully no Queen wanted my head on a plate x__x

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