9/18/2013 04:00:00 PM

Necklace from Jill, Vanilla Pop button-down, Sweater from my brother, Paddocks pants, SM Store shoes

It's been a while since I covered up 90% of my body. I usually do a covered-exposed balance with my arms and legs when I dress up: skirt/shorts-long sleeved top/cover-up, pants-sleeveless tops, etc. But with the cold weather brought by the constant rains we've been experiencing lately, I just felt like bundling up and keeping myself warm for once not caring about the balance. 

In this manner, I'm convincing myself that I managed to pull off a sort of preppy androgynous look, something I've been wondering about trying out a few days ago. Thankfully the necklace Jill gave me last Christmas added the right amount of femininity to my otherwise boyish look. 

There's just something about the easy layering formulas men's fashion has that I sometimes envy. Top + Pants + Shoes. Easy to remember, yes? They don't need to worry if a certain pair of jeans would make their butts look big, or if they can pull off wearing a specific kind of top with a cute pair of footwear. And the fact that their clothes are pretty much the epitome of comfort attracts me to their fashion even more. Simple, yet easy on the eyes. Something I wish women's fashion can have a lot of on some days.

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