Travel Diaries: Phuket 2013 Day 4

9/01/2013 02:30:00 AM

Gap cardigan, Bench shirt, Next shorts, Keds shoes, Goody elastics. Hype this look here. Photos of me by JJ.

Since we were staying in Phuket, Thailand for a week, we were planning on going on a nice island hopping/snorkeling trip one day during our stay. Originally, we planned to do that during mid-stay, but due to weather constraints, it wasn't advisable to go out into the sea, so we had to move it to a different day when the weather would permit us to do so. Thank you Lord for internet. According to Accuweather, after this day, the skies will clear up as the days go by. So here's to hoping we'd get to go on that island hopping trip soon! In the meantime, we opted to go venture around the vicinity owned by Marriott while we can. No use sulking in the villa all day!

About five minutes from the main clubhouse is Renaissance Phuket Resort and Spa. It's this swanky new place in the inner regions of the area along Mai Khao beach. Since it was new, we were curious as to how it'd look like. Fortunately, Marriott offers shuttle rides that circle around their area (from Turtle Village, to the villas, to the Main clubhouse, to Renaissance), so we took a shuttle ride and got dropped off here. 

Don't these lights remind you of string beans? Or is it just me? Lol.

Yeps, tourist photos!

Stepping right outside from the lobby, you'll see two modern art installations overlooking the area. Of course, my brother and I had to take a photo with the cool modern art. It reminds me so much of those things you blow bubbles from as a kid.

The whole Renaissance has a more modernized design, even their rooms show off sharper and sleeker edges compared to the ones where we're staying in.

I'd love to have something like this in my future home! Some place I can peacefully read books and get some R&R~

A great thing about the whole architecture of the place is that it's well ventilated. They don't need air conditioner blasting cold air to cool themselves here. With the many trees surrounding the whole area, having electric fans and doors/windows fully open the whole day will keep you cool enough.

I can't fly (obviously), so I took a photo of their AVP showing the outside deck from a different angle. Super cool!

Take the stairs down before the rain starts to pour.

A mini waterfall behind you with you chilling out on the deck below by a pond while you munch on some breakfast or afternoon snack? Don't mind if I do!

It already started to rain, so we stayed in covered areas instead. Too bad I couldn't cross over to the other side of this hallway. But I'm pretty sure it's another cool cafe over there.

"See, Hear, Speak no Evil". Oh, such a kookie family I have. The things we do while waiting for the elevator! Lolz. 

Locavore seems to be their main cafe here. Judging by its interior (and exterior), this is probably where I'd get my breakfast buffet if I stayed in Renaissance.

Check out The lounge!

Is it that obvious that I'm so enticed by their ceiling decor? Fun fact: the lights change after a few seconds, giving a different feel to the ceiling decor of a flock of birds every time. Coolio~! Wonder how they clean those things though...

We waited for the shuttle to arrive again so we chilled by the lobby. The front desk of the place isn't as big of a stretch as it is in the main clubhouse, but it sure is intimate.

Before we headed home, we had another happy hour session over at The Sala cafe in the main clubhouse.

Topped off the night with some card games before heading to bed. It's a family thing. We always bond over card games during vacations.

More updates on my Travel Diaries soon! :)

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  1. beautiful photos! i love the architectures! wish someday i can be there...thanks for recomend

    1. Thank you Iphiet! :D Hoping you'd get to visit Phuket in the future! :)


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