Take me to the Carnival

8/29/2013 06:36:00 PM

DIY hair bow, Gap cardigan, shirt from Kenny, Soda skirt, Eazy Fashion shoes. Hype this look here.

I got these cute white shoes from Eazy Fashion a few weeks ago, but I had to wait till the sun was back to let me take proper photos wearing them indors. I've never owned a plain white faux leather shoes before (although I've always wanted plain white keds to go with my other Keds shoes). So when I got these babies from Eazy Fashion, I was immediately thinking of the outfits I could wear them with. I gotta say, it was a bit of a challenge for me since I was kinda scared of potentially looking too mature in them with the things I planned on wearing them with. That, and the little fact that I still wanted to stick to my brand of looking and being youthful regardless of my actual age. I actually had two outfits prepared for these special pair of shoes, but I decided to cut them into two separate posts instead of one combined post. For today, it's outfit number 1!

I'm kinda surprised how the Brown Bear balloon Kenny gave me about a month ago is still alive and, well, not deflated. Here I go again milking it as a prop for my photos.

Here's a tip for those of you who have an awesome pair of shoes but have no idea what to wear them with yet: Use its color as your main color palette, then work from there. I do this a lot with my mom whenever she asks me for advice when she's planning on what to wear the next day (especially when she wants to wear a specific pair of shoes). With my new white shoes, I felt like I could wear them for a date or even in church on Sundays. They're cute and comfy like I can walk in them for hours and not get any blisters like how other shoes does, just the way I like them. It doesn't always have to be boring, right? So I grabbed a white shirt that Kenny gave me, took the blue from its letters, then grabbed a blue cardigan and a cute floral skirt and a denim hair bow to go for a girlier vibe. Now I'm definitely ready to go on a carnival date. :)

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