Sonics and Archie

8/25/2013 05:30:00 PM

Vintage Seattle Sonics snapback (Dad's), Forever 21 denim jacket, Baleno top, 17 Club skirt, Archie 1000 pages comic digest, Converse sneakers. Hype this look here.

And yet another 90's look! Denim jackets are gonna be huge again in the coming months as denim in general is already taking over designs in famous fashion houses all over the world. Thank God Mom was able to snag this one for me from Forever 21 a few months back. I was on the hunt for a nice denim jacket (gearing up for the cold) that wasn't too light and wasn't too dark. Just like Baby Bear, I wanted it to be "just right", lolz. Just so I can easily pair it up with lighter/darker tops/bottoms. A nice middle shade of blue like the one I'm wearing here is, in Baby Bear's words, "just right" if I do say so myself, har har! I guess you can consider this as one of your Basic Closet Must-Haves. Along with your basic white top, cute black skirt, and classic black Chuck Taylors, and snapback caps, lolz. Thanks Dad for the vintage caps in your closet! I'm definitely making the most out of them now (aside from when I need to hide my growing roots). 

Oh yeah! I had my hair cut short once again. Kinda surprised at how fast my hair grows nowadays. I usually don't have it cut for months since I wanted it long before. But then the damaged ends were just killing me, so I had it cut a month ago, getting rid of the layers and just going for a nice straight cut (which I haven't done in years). Then just a few days ago, I decided to have it cut an inch and a half shorter (just to get rid of the damaged ends as usual). But with my hair stylist, Lester's persistence, he insisted I have it cut at least 2 inches, and I went for it. Then again I had it cut 2 and a half inches shorter so this is what I got now! Mid-length hair. I feel like I'm back in my gradeschool days, but with a fresher look. I guess my hair wants to go back to the 90's too, lolz.

On a different note, I'm almost halfway through my Archie 1000 pages comic digest and am on the look out for the Archie Married Life books AND the Best of Archie Comics Book 3. Those things fly off the shelves pretty fast! Guess I'm not the only one after them either. Looks like Archie is one of the cutest accessories for the whole 90's image (even if he was technically born in the 40's).

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