Eazy Fashion: Panda Love

8/26/2013 10:48:00 PM

Here's a Strawberry Bunny first! Mark this as my very first couple post! No, Kenny isn't writing his thoughts along with mine, but more on he's happy to be in the photos with me with matching coupleswear, heeheehee~ Still a first!

It's already the last week of August, and that only means colder weather is to be expected in the country. And with the amount of rainfall we've been having these past few weeks, it's not foreign for anyone to have some struggles coping with the cold (and rain).

After my thesis defense a few weeks ago, I decided to reward myself with a little shopping spree for surviving the stress my project brought me. I was already planning on gearing up for the upcoming "Ber" months (September-December) in style. And with my consistent love for pandas, would it still be surprising if you see me in more panda stuff? I don't think so, haha! Heck, I even shared my love for pandas with Kenny! Share the love! Love more pandas! 

I have to admit, as soon as I saw this panda sweater from Eazy Fashion, I didn't even think twice before buying it. I texted Kenny right away asking if he'd want one for himself (saves me delivery payment than if I ordered both on separate occassions). The only mildly stressful part I had was that Kenny was still so busy with his projects back then (I don't blame him, engineering is tough business), it took a while before he replied to my texts if he wanted the hoodie or not! @_@ I had that sick feeling that with this panda sweater's cuteness (and the demands/questions it was receiving from Facebook), I might not get my hands on this anymore! The horror! ;___; All's well that ends well though. After I got Kenny's measurements, I placed my order then and there and paid the next day. Thank God they still had stocks then! #phew

Don't you just want one like it yourself? I can't believe how cozy it is, tbh. It's like a sweater-blanket-hoodie-stuffed toy-jacket (yes, it's THAT cozy)! The fun part is that you can literally zip the panda hood down to make you look like you have a panda head, lolz! That convinced Kenny, all right, haha! I reassured him that it'd be cute if we both wore the sweaters together. And with the pictures we provided, you guys be the judge of that. :) Panda kisses, mwah~! 

We're definitely happy we got our hands on this while we could. These cuties fly off the shelves in a heartbeat! Here's to braving the colder months of September till December!

For more about this and other panda products, visit Eazy Fashion's website. You can follow Like them on Facebook, and follow them on Twitter! Spread the panda love!

PS: Happy 200th blog post to me! :")

  (.   .)o

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  1. What sizes are you wearing? Thanks!

    1. I'm wearing the Medium Gray, and Kenny's wearing the XL gray :)

  2. hi :) may I ask if the jacket itself or the packaging indicates what size the jacket is? I mean is there any indications of the size the jacket is (on the jacket or in the packaging used?) curious reseller question ahe~ anyway, I really love your pictures <3 so cute! a very adorable couple you are~

    1. Hi! :) The hoodies I got have size tags inside, and there are also sizes written on the packaging when I got them :) Thank you so much! I'm glad you liked the photos :">


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