Loving him was Red

8/27/2013 06:07:00 PM

(Photos by Kenny)

DIY hair bow, Eazy Fashion panda backpack, Vanillapop top,  Dickies socks, SM Store shoes. Hype this look here.

Finally! An outfit shot outdoors. I kinda miss taking outfit shots outside my room, but the weather doesn't seem to permit me to do so for the past month (or two). Although, sometimes it's a lot easier to take photos inside my room with a tripod and lights. Sigh... can my laziness get any worse? Haha! I blame the weather on this, lolz.

Anyhoo, thanks to Kenny for taking these photos of me right after we took our Panda Love photos. Don't you think the black and white photos give off a totally different feel to them compared to the colored ones? I think so. The black and white ones give more of a classy muted vibe to the photos, almost as if I was living in the olden days, while the colored ones are brighter and give a more modern feel to the whole thing. Hmm.. maybe I should do this more often.

  (.   .)o


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