Classy Shmassy

8/09/2013 08:35:00 PM

J.Crew sweater, Crissa jeans, SM store flats. Hype this look in Lookbook here.

Apologies for the lack of posts. My finals are cutting my time for blogging down to, well, next to zero as you may all have noticed. I have to say though, I won't be updating my blog until my finals are done in two weeks. As of this weekend, I'm: (1.) rushing my thesis in time for my defense (hopefully happening around Wednesday next week), (2.) trying to finish requirements for my other classes, (3.) as well as do my best to contribute to my group's progress in paperwork (Maiko, Shie, Ida, Shirlene, I'll make bawi, I swear!). 

In any case, just because I won't be updating my blog with new posts for a couple of weeks (yes, I'm still doing the rest of my travel diaries when I get back), it doesn't mean you're not welcome to visit any time you want. Feel free to browse through my archives to check out old posts you've missed, or are interested in reading or reading again! I'll be back in two weeks. See you all then!

  (.   .)o


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