Brighter than the Sun

8/23/2013 05:30:00 PM

 DIY hair bow, SM Ladies Fashion buttondown (old), SM GTW top (old), Eazy Fashion skirt, Dickies socks, Glam-Rock Manila satchel, Asianvogue shoes (old)

It's storm season yet again in the Philippines and we just experienced one of the worst rains to date these past few days. It felt like Ondoy part 2 for a lot of us, only the devastation spread outside Metro Manila as well. It was raining non-stop since Saturday, flooding a lot of areas in the metropolis and the provinces nearby. Classes and work have been suspended since Monday. It was really scary to even step outside of our homes! Thankfully it's all over (at least, I hope it's all over by now). The rains have stopped and we're all just waiting for Mr. Sun to come out. 

So to celebrate the departure of the storm from our country, I opted to wear something bright and cute (which councidentally are made up of the colors from my country's flag yet again -- except for the pink). The only thing I hate about the rain? The dark clouds that come with it. I can't take decent photos indoors without the help of Mr. Sun illuminating my room! ;__; #sob My apologies for the grainyness.

If you've noticed, I've been using my buttondowns as coverups lately to help me make use of the stuff inside my closet and not resort to buying things I don't really need. Recycling my clothes and styling them differently every time sounds like a chore (and sometimes, it feels like it), but I'd rather look at it as a challenge. And besides, no one can deny how sweet the compliments are when people think you're wearing something new when you're wearing something you bought years ago, right? :P

I do love my skirt though. And thanks to Eazy Fashion, I now have something pink in my closet after 15327494082 years. I know, as hard to believe as it is, the truth is that I don't have anything pink in my closet anymore. To think I actually like the color .___.' I have more Blues than Pink! Right now though, I can happily wear this cute pink skirt on days I wanna be girlier than usual :3 Doesn't it just make you feel all giddy and thinking of going out on a date? :D It makes me feel like a cheerleader when I wear it. Although God knows I wasn't coordinated enough to be a cheerleader unless I had no choice (my coordination for a cheer comes out only when it's a life and death situation, like say my grade is at hand). Hopefully my perkiness can make up for my lack of coordination and dexterity in flipping around chanting and getting on pyramids @_@'

  (.   .)o

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    1. Thanks Cielo! :D You can check out Eazy Fashion if you want. They have other colors too :3


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