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8/30/2013 07:00:00 PM

A few months back, I read on one of the Lookbook interviews that famous men's fashion blogger, Adam Gallagher, said a girl can be sexy even in the simplest of clothes. Personally, I don't like making things complicated whenever I dress up and would rather like to keep things as simple as possible yet still channeling myself into everything I wear. And like I mentioned yesterday, I had two outfits planned for these cute white shoes I got from Eazy Fashion. Well, this is outfit number 2!

Bench Body shirt, Crissa jeans, Eazy Fashion shoes

Compared to outfit number 1's girlyness, I wanted to downplay this outfit in a more basic kind of way. When I was in my freshman year in college (God, now I feel so old for saying that), I loved experimenting on my looks. Some were good ideas, while others were more on the "never doing that again" category. I was young, I didn't know any better (Ha! I can actually use that excuse now, lolz). Plus, after growing up in a school where I had to wear a uniform for 13 years, it was like a wake up call for me as soon as I stepped into college. Taking in what the world of fashion and the freedom that comes with it was really about (all the more freedom since I'm studying in an arts school now). So experimenting with looks was just what I did. I actually cared what I was wearing for the day, conscious if people would like it or not. Oh to be young and naive!

Now that I'm in my senior year, I still care about what I wear (thinking if it'll look good or not before I even consider wearing it out in public), but I'm just not as conscious about it as I was when I was a frosh student. And thanks to my blog and my LB account, I can keep track of the outfits and combinations I've made, noting if it works or not. There has been growth in my sartorial choices, if I do say so myself. *pats on the back*

In all honesty, as a multimedia arts student, as soon as I had a taste of my major subjects, fashion wasn't much of a major priority anymore on most days. I drop the skirts and heels and go for a simple pair of jeans, flasts/sneakers and a t-shirt (not even a cute top) when midterms week and finals week arrive! I used to think it was so weird of me to be seen in things as simple as that in school; even my friends found it surprising that I'd be in jeans instead of a skirt, shorts or a dress as it has been my uniform in a way. I even stopped wearing colored contacts lenses and makeup like I used to (if you've been reading my blog for a while, you must've noticed that as well) since I really don't have time anymore to focus on things like those (trusting that people just gotta love me for my natural look, beauty of not). 

Later on I realized there was nothing wrong with going all "normy wear" in school too. It felt good not being too contrived about what other people think of me, caring if what I wear looks good, or if people think it looks good or not. As long as I felt good and comfortable with what I wear without offending anyone else, then that's all that matters now. Yes, I still wear cutesy clothes from time to time, but I've also embraced the basics of fashion. Like I say... 

You can't ever go wrong with a pair of jeans, a shirt and flats as long as you got the confidence to rock it.

Here's to owning the basics and learning that confidence will always be the key to looking good.

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