Travel Diaries: Phuket 2013 Day 3

7/26/2013 07:53:00 PM

Day 3 in Phuket and it happened to be a Sunday then. So like any practicing Catholic, my family and I went to hear mass in Dusit Thani in Laguna, Phuket. Since only about 2% of the population in Phuket are Catholic, there are no Catholic churches to be found there yet. Although I did hear news about some resident Catholics in the area raising money to build an actual church there through donations. If you guys have any extra cash you're willing to give, the Catholic community in Phuket would be really blessed to have you. For now though, tourists are to rely on asking the concierge of their hotel/resort for directions to a place that celebrates Catholic masses on Sundays.

Being on a tight schedule that day, as soon as mass ended, I only got to take a few photos of the area. The place reminds me so much of EDSA Shangri-La Hotel in Metro Manila. The place is big with a lot of function rooms for events and such. The pool area at Dusit Thani is big too. I saw a lot of OFWs there as well. It feels nice to see Filipinos abroad. It gives a little feel of back home whenever I hear someone speaking in Filipino (which is kinda rare in Phuket compared to Bangkok, Hong Kong or Singapore).

At around noontime, this lady was playing some oriental Thai tunes in the lobby as a greeting to guests of the resort. Guess she knew I was taking photos of the area too, she got her smile on, heehee :)

When you're dropped off at the Dusit Thani resort in Laguna, Phuket, you have to walk a little bit to get to the lobby of the place. It kinda reminded me of those long walkways in old Japanese houses.

Ninja shot of a tree house within the vacinity when we were on the way out of the compound. Too bad I missed the baby elephants! When we were going in the compound that morning, we saw some baby elephants being walked around this area near the tree house. Guess they're having lunch too, or taking an afternoon nap, haha!

After having lunch in the city and goind around buying souvenirs, we headed back to our villa and walked to the main clubhouse again. Funny how we just came from where the sign is pointing at.

Truth be told, we usually head out on vacation to celebrate two things: my parents' anniversary, and my birthday. Both happen to be during summer vacation. So why not kill two birds with one stone and have us celebrate them both in one week, right? This is why when we travel, I'm usually the one behind the camera taking photos like these to document my parents' anniversary. Awww, le amore~ ♥

If I'm not the one behind the camera, my dad is. I need a break once in a while too, hahaha!

We passed by the Sala Cafe again and took quick photos of the place before going down from the lobby. Since it's always on the way, we tend to take photos here from time to time, or just chill and have a drink since the place is so comfy, relaxing, and accessible. I'll talk more about this place in the future posts. 

Can I have something like this in my future home please?

If only we can take it home with us, har har!

This place looks familiar... Oh, wait. It's the same photo I took the other day, only before the sun set!

Yep, this one too. I still can't get over how cool the place is!

Happy Hour by the pool!!! Guess which drink is mine :3

Can you believe the flat area in between the spitting elephants are actually jaccuzis?

How fortunate that lifeguards are on patrol around the pool :) This area's already 6ft. deep @_@ Safety first!

Boardwalk sunbathing by the poolside. The staff flip the cusions like this so the birds won't poop on them. Lol!

These birds are notorious! Although I still can't help but be amused every time I see them hopping around.

See? Even this lady gave bread crumbs to them. Look how happy they are, haha!

Little Turp sunnies, BNY top, Vanillapop shorts, Keds X Taylor Swift shoes

After begging my brother to take my photos, he managed to take these really quick shots of me. Thank God for the Golden Hour by the beach, with matching sailboat shorts too, heehee!

Wish I had my pail and shovel with me so I can build myself a sand castle.

*Point!* Dad was showing Mom where the shore reaches. I think the beaches are kinda connected in a way. Mai Khao beach is the one nearest Marriott though. Which is really fortunate for Marriott members vacationing here since the beach is literally just walking-distance from your villas. You're there in 5 mins! Can this place be any more perfect for honeymooners and families??

My parents are definitely happy. After 26 years, they're still going strong~ ❤

On a lighter note, if you wanna get rid of the sand in your toes and not wanna walk back to your car or villas with sand pricking your feet, you can sit on a rock and wash your feet and footwear here! Oh, the beauty of convenience!

Sunset by the beach/pool? That definitely spells out vacation!

Time to light up the torches! Yes, they really do it manually. It's so cool!

The evening glow really has a different feel to everything, doesn't it?

Back to the villa for dinner!

Lol, okay no. This isn't dinner. This is our usual snack in between meals or after meals. I miss having a toaster! D:

Before I end this post, here are a few photos of my new baby! Ain't she a cutie?? ♥ Meet Holly! Since dad made me a promise of giving me a stuffed toy for every birthday I have till I turn 21, I usually go on a hunt whenever we're out on a vacation. This time, and (supposedly) the last time, I chose Holly.

"Emo Holly." Lolz. I couldn't help myself. I was so amused at how adorable she is that I kept taking photos of her in random places! I think I could even make a portfolio of it...

See? Even with Elle the elephant towel art and the orchids they gave us!

Kisses from Holly! My very own Sheep in Wolf's clothing (and Logan's baby sister), har har!

Till my next post!

  (.   .)o


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