Travel Diaries: Phuket 2013 Day 2

7/19/2013 04:00:00 PM

Can you imagine a field like this in front of an open car parking area? Apparently in Phuket, there is! As soon as I was scrolling through my photos and seeing this, I immediately remembered the scene where Korean actor and Hallyu star, Jang Geun Suk, was embracing his "relaxing gettaway" when he accompanied Park Shin Hye's character to her father's province in the hit Korean Drama "You're Beautiful" (pardon me for being so lame that I only managed to watch it recently, I highly recomment it!). He was so in his Zen mode, arms open wide standing in a field like this like he was Julie Andrews in The Sound of Music, it was so hillarious. Then a pig chased him away, lolz!

Anyhoo~ On the second day of our stay in Phuket, we decided to go around the area near Marriott and basically do some grocery shopping for the duration of our stay. The great thing about staying in Marriott is that they have excellent taxi service right outside our villa. Convenience to the max! Plus, their taxi drivers are really nice and friendly and they'll do their best to answer any touristy questions you have for them.

First item on the list: Get some lunch! And from the looks of it, my brother agrees, har har!

Welcome to The Cable Grill. As soon as you enter the Premiere Outlet in Phuket, just go straight till the end and you'll see The Cable Grill on the left side. It was a burger kind of day for sure!

Whoops! I couldn't resist munching on some fries while my brother got our drinks. Sorry I'm not sorry, haha! I am sorry though for not taking a photo of what we ate. We were so hungry, we just ate everything in a flash! Their food is great though, that's for sure.

The Hollywood Studio Store is right next to The Cable Grill. They have another one situared within the main city of Phuket where I got my birthday gift. But I'll save that story for another entry.

On the other side of things was 17 Club where I got the clothes I wore here. Wish they opened a place here in Manila! I love their clothes!

After going around the whole Premium Outlet area, we ended up chilling in The Coffee Box Studio Cafe. Mom and I were craving for some ice cream to cool ourselves down from the heat; a.k.a. "We want desserts".

Upon entering, the whole place was filled with cute iconic decors, like these three monkeys dressed as beloved icons. Check out Frankie Chaplin!

And Frankie Monroe in the middle~

They even have Frankie Dean, haha!

The three monkeys are totally adorable!

Even the walls are clad with Marilyn!

And even Elvis himself! At this point, I was seriously telling myself that if we had one of these cafes in Manila, I'd definitely come visit often. It kinda reminded me fo Subspace Cafe at Ortigas, only bigger.

To all the boys out there, please remember to be a gentleman and pull the seat out for the ladies. Being a gentleman is a huge plus for us. It ain't that hard to be one either.

Anyhoo. Mom and I shared this sundae together. She wanted to eat it so bad already but I had to stop her to get a decent photo first of course, haha!

And I wouldn't miss a chance to take a photo of her with the yummy delight too~ ♥

Aaaaand one with me of course, heeheehee! Mint chocolate chip and Belgian chocolate ice cream with strawberry syrup~ yummyyy!

Check out what my brother and dad shared! Chocolate, Banana, Almond waffle! #nomnomnom ♥

We left after our yummy snack, did the groceries, then went back to the villa. My brother was tired so he decided to stay and make us some dinner while we explored the vacinity. Our villa's conveniently walking-distance (like less than 5 mins away) from the main clubhouse of the whole Vacation Club, so we usually just take a stroll whenever we feel like it.

Twilight was setting in and I just had to take a photo of their infinity pool at the lobby. I definitely won't get tired of a view like this everyday~

Marriott Vacation Club in Phuket has a lot of places you can wine and dine in. The Sala is just one of the places they have where you can enjoy. More about this in the future entries. In the meantime, allow me to show you this photo of a part of The Sala beside the infinity pool at the lobby. Lovely light changes~

Downstairs from the lobby, you can find these fire-lit lights at pool. This is just the view from the top.

When you get to the bottom, you can see it like this during sunset.

And lookie me, taking this opportunity for a quick outfit shot, hahaha! Thanks Dad for the photos!

SM Ladies Fashion sheer button down, Baleno top, Next shorts, Goody elestics

When I got home, I let my hair loose and got rid of the fishtail braid I had on the whole afternoon, letting my hair have waves for the rest of the night. I am so owning this tourist-y look! Sucks we're not allowed to wear shorts this short in school. *sad face*

SM Accessories fedora, Little Turp sunnies

Keds X Taylor Swift shoes

Definitely brought my Dean's List gift with me on vacation! Lost of walking = Comfy footwear.

Also located below the lobby is the Kids' Room. A few years ago during the last time we visited Phuket, the Kids' Room wasn't like this. According to the staff members, they renovated the entire space recently and turned it into this amazing place for kids and teenagers to play in while their parents lounge around the area. Can I say H-E-A-V-E-N?? They got all gaming consoles here!

Play areas for younger tots are also available.

Check out the Teen Zone!

Apple computers, an XBox 360

A private space for a kid to play on the PS3, holy crap! This little space, I can call my haven. I can live in it, haha!

Plus a cool pool table!

I died...

But since I have to finish this post, I have to come back to life. Check out the view of the entrance of the Main Clubhouse. They have it fire-lit at night too.

As we got back to the room and ate another delicious meal, we kicked back, relaxed and watched some more TV. Oh vacation life, how I miss thee! BTW, when we got back from grocery shopping, we found out that the room cleaners diligently clean the rooms every day even if you don't put the "Make up Room" sign on the door. How great is that? And I guess they liked that we didn't disassemble their cute Elephant towel art so much that they decided to give us more orchids as a present. It's so sweet~ Wish I could do towel art at home too.

Before we ended the night, we heated some of the doughnuts we bought earlier in the microwave while watching some CSI and NCIS on TV.

The family that eats together, is happy together ♥

Till my next post!

  (.   .)o


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