Simple Layers

7/23/2013 02:09:00 AM

Vanillapop button-down, Baleno basic top, Goody StayPut hairpins

Old Navy skirt, Fila socks

Let's take a quick break from all my travel posts, shall we? 

Here's something I love wearing lately. If I had a closet full of button-downs, I'd wear them everyday! Sadly I don't have a closet full of them, but I am thinking of investing more on closet-basics these days. I've made a pact with myself to start saving my money for the future while I'm still blessed with the wonders of having an allowance. So goodbye to all my useless spendings for now. Meaning, no buying of unecessary items as much as I can. Or I only permit myself to buy only one "pricey" item per month. Like say, Archie comics or something.

Being in my final year in college, I rarely have the luxury of time to dress up for school like I used to. I usually just grab whatever I feel would be comfortable throughout the day (and night since I have classes till 9pm nowadays, hello Night Owls! Hoot hoot!) regardless if they're frilly skirts or dark-wash jeans. And with the crazy weather we're having this month alone, it gets even more challenging to figure out what to wear!

To solve those problems, I resorted to layering the basics I have in my closet instead. A simple sleeveless top, a loose button-down as a cover-up, a cute tulle skirt (just to add some girly-ness to my look), fun statement-socks, and my favorite boots would usually do the trick. When it rains, well, I'll just have my umbrella ready, haha! Otherwise, I'd probably trade in my boots (hell, they ain't water-proof) for some sneakers instead.

  (.   .)o


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