7/02/2013 09:06:00 PM

Oxygen top, Naf Naf skirt

Converse sneakers, Dickies socks

Folded & Hung cap (old), Red Apple necklace, Goody elastics (wrists)

Can't help but dress along with the weather these days. The dark clouds just call for neutral tones for me at times as well. But on the brighter side of things, when I wore this to class, Gian said he liked it (so rare to get a compliment from that boy too!) adding that I look like I'm gonna go hip hop dancing at the end of the night, or something. Har har! Can you believe that this top is actually my brother's? Well, maybe now that I've mentioned it, you can. Haha! I love raiding other people's closets whenever I lose interest in mine. mwahahaha~! ❤

Speaking of Gian, I've been "co-hosting" his vlog (Day in the Life of an Art Student) over at youtube. Only on Wednesdays though, whenever he's up for it during our MMABIZ1 (Multimedia Arts Business) class. Check it out below! :D

Disclaimer: Yes, my voice is really that high-pitched :P

  (.   .)o


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    1. Thank you Prisca!! ❤❤❤ I'm so jealous you get to take outfit shots outdoors. It keeps raining here in the Philippines lately, it's nearly impossible to take ootd's outside <//3


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