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6/25/2013 01:46:00 AM

After seeing the advertisement how many times whenever we watch a movie in the cinema, my family and I decided to take an impromptu trip to one of Manila's attractions: Manila Ocean Park (MOP).

Even though it's already the last week of June, the weather here in the Philippines remains the be hot and humid. So when driving to the mall to get a good cool down feels a bit too "blah", boring, and routinary, another place to visit when in Manila is our very own Ocean Park! It's located right next to the Quirino Grandstand, near the famous Luneta Park near Roxas Blvd in Manila.

Different rates for different sets of activities! My family and I got the Ocean's Amazing Duo for Php 550.00/person since some of the shows are already fully booked on that day we visited. The ones presented above are the off-season rates since vacation is over. How fortunate for us who just wanna see what Ocean Park has to offer!

Upon entering the building, this is the first thing you'll see: the Birds of Prey Kingdom giftshop. Half of the attractions in MOP are found outdoors. But since summer is over, Dad wanted to spend most of the time exploring the indoor attractions instead. I think it's better that way since you won't have to worry about the weather changes and if you're going to get rained on, or if the show might get cancelled due to the weather. If you're just visiting the place to have a change of scenery around the city, I'd suggest paying for the indoor activities would be the best choice during your visit.

On an unrelated note: If you haven't guessed yet, I got my height from my mommy, har har! I am not ashamed. ♥

Disclaimer: Okay, since it is called the Oceanarium, you can pretty much expect a whole bunch of fishes swimming around in their own respective tanks. So from this point on, I must warn you of a great number of photos I took of different schools of fishes. You have been warned, lolz.

The nice thing about going to aquariums? You can touch the glass. Just don't tap them cause the vibrations will hurt the sea creatures.

Lookie! It's Dory! :3

Doesn't this fish remind you of a lizard? lolz.

This is how Mrs. Puff looks like in real life when she's not all "puffed-up", haha!

Some fishes can really blend in with their surroundings. It took us a while to find some of them in their tanks. Our amusement was very much audible as we all go "There it is!", "Found it!", "Over there!" with matching ooohs and ahhhs.

No matter how many times I see these photos, it always takes me minutes till I find the fish in it! Can you find it?

It's so flat!!

I found Nemo! heehee~ ♥

Who's that Pokemon?! I'm guessing it's an Omanyte - Omastar, haha!

Sea creatures really are the weirder and creapier than land and air creatures @_@ Unless you consider bugs... Eww.

See what I mean about camouflage? This fish looks like a rock!

OMG! My favorite fish of them all!

This fella reminds me of an old Japanese sensei. If you look close enough, you could draw out a face! Small eyes, long bushy eyebrows, upturned mouth, long mustache, lol.

Fish eyes! Pun intended.

There was a white version of my favorite fish, but he was so camera-shy, he kept swimming towards their cave! #sadface <//3

Ooh! This tiny little thing kept me entertained for like 2 minutes! This certain fish sucks the rocks, then throws them in a different direction. Kinda like an excavator thingo they use to dig up rubble during road constructions.

The unfortunate part of my trip? We can't take flash photography since it'll be bad for the sea critters. It's understandable though. But sad.

Lol, Dad loves making fun of the fishes.

Those fishes above are so silvery and shiny~!

"Glob, glob, glob.."

Fishes can be lazy too!

I didn't even realize it till I saw Finding Nemo again on the Disney Channel recently that this big guy was the one who narrowed the 400+ fish eggs Marlin and Coral had, to just one egg -- Nemo. Barracudas are known to be very aggressive and vicious fishes. It's best to avoid them.

Shark overhead!


This has got to be the most crowded area of the Aquarium! This cave-like environment is where people can view the fishes in 180 degrees! It'd be so cool if you could do like, a panoramic photo of this place with your phone or something!

These fishes just kept swimming in circles. All together, but in circles. They reminded me of how planets revolve around the sun.

Check out the cool merchandise they sell in the Aquarium! So cute!

Chubby Penguin!!

Look up for more Manta rays!

When we got to the shark tanks, they were surprisingly all asleep! 

But then one by one, they started to wake up and wiggle around the tank.

For such dangerous predators, sharks are very graceful.

And they're very lazy too, haha!

And playful! This big shark on the right swam right down to bump the smaller shark on the left. It was like a plane landing on the ground while attempting to twirl around and end up crashing and burning. Funny though, it felt like a Mean Girls "You can't sit with us!" moment, hahaha!

After grabbing a quick bite after the Aquarium, next stop was Antartica!

Such a lonely Penguin! #foreveralone We dubbed this guy, The Lookout, haha!

Penguins are so fun! It was a challenge to get a good photo of them in the Penguin exhibit while they kept scurrying and swimming about!

Christmas in June anyone?

Due to the usual tropical temperatures of Manila, being in the Snow Village was the best breather I've ever had. In some of the photos we took, we actually removed the orange thermal coats they had us wear when we entered the area. #FeelingBadass On another note, the place made me realize how our frozen goods must feel like in our freezer. It's pretty handy that they placed rubber mats on the frozen floor for people to walk on so they won't slip. Bonking your head on the ice is not really an ideal activity for any visit.

The Snow Village is a really nice place to take Holiday photos. Maybe we'll come back here just for that!

I'm definitely coming back for these! Aren't they just adorbs?! ❤

Since we came directly from the Snow Village, my camera lens fogged up big time. So if you're wondering, I'll be honest. No, this is not some post-processing effect that I added to give a nice foggy feel for my photos, hahaha! I wish!

More penguins!! They remind me of the first part of Happy Feet :3

I'd love to stay in this section of their gift shop. Really. Just leave me here and I'm a happy kid. ♥

More merch! Keychains, compact mirrors, mobile straps, shot glasses, etc.

Mom loved these two so much, she says it reminds her of me and my brother, hahaha!

What's a giftshop without any shirts?

I found Nemo. Again! Haha!

After exploring the merchandise, we went out to hear the rain loudly thumping on the pavement outside. Guess it was a good decision to enjoy the indoor amenities this time. Maybe on my next visit, it won't rain so I can get a look at the outdoor activities they offer too.

I hope you enjoyed the many sights of my visit to Manila Ocean Park! When in Manila, you should try to stop by here during your visit, even for just a quick hangout. If you're bored and just wanna go around the city, wanna try something new for a date, feeling like you wanna to get to know what Manila has in store for you aside from the many shopping areas we're known to have, I'd recommend Manila Ocean Park for all these instances! Know more about them over at

  (.   .)o

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  1. So cool ! The fish are so fun

    1. Haha! That's so true! They may be weird, but they are fun to look at :D


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