I ❤ Phuket Thailand

6/10/2013 11:55:00 PM

DIY ribbon, FreshKon contact lenses, Patshionista watch, Goody elastics (wrist)

I ♥ Phuket Thailand shirt from Thailand, Dickies socks, Asianvogue shoes

Since I'm taking a while with sorting and post-processing my summer travel photos, let me give you an idea of where I went to instead! My shirt should give enough of a hint, yes? A little more patience, loves. I'll post the things we did over the week-long vacae I had soon enough. In the meantime, let me shed some light on one of my former problems and pet peeves today. 

How many of you guys have seen these "I ♥ (Insert place here)" shirts? I'm pretty sure every tourist destination has a shirt or two like these being sold in street shops around town. They practically scream "HELLO THERE, I'M A TOURIST" since tourists are the only ones who tend to buy them (I am guilty of this).  The most known one is the I ♥ NY shirts, and the most recent ones I keep seeing are their SG or HK equivalents. Although I have an I ♥ PH one that I wore before, compared to how laid-back I styled that outfit then, I want to show with my outfit now how one can utilize these souvenir shirts that our loved ones tend to give us.

I wore this sometime last week for school. And instead of just looking like blah, showing how lazy I am to go to school so late in the day and stay there till waaaay past dinnertime, I opted to jazz it up. A nice navy skater skirt to show some waist, cute statement socks that matches my shirt, adorable brown oxfords to replace casual sneakers, and a cute red bow to match my socks and to top off my loose curls. The effect? Kinda reminicent of girls back in the 50's jiving to the music at a diner's jukebox, don't you think? With my own twist on it of course ;)

Speaking of retro.. I just finished reading The Best of Archie Comics Book Two, and I SOOO want more! Guess I know where part of my monthly allowance is going to next time I get them. Well, aside from shopping and pigging out of course, haha!

BTW. For all of you who haven't checked out my Best of Archie Comics giveaway yet, you still have a chance! I'm moving the deadline of all entries for said giveaway to the end of the month! That gives you all more time to join.  I promise you all Archie fans out there, this is one book you wouldn't wanna miss out on. So go go go! \:D/

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  1. Amazing look :) I love your skirt and theese sweet dotted socks <3
    Hugs ;*


    1. Thank you Sandra, Marta! :"D They're my favorite pair of socks :3

  2. I have the I love SG shirt from 2 years ago. Haha. I love souvenir shirts, I wanna be a tourist around Asia again.
    Your outfit would fit well in the Archie universe :D

    1. I want the I love NY shirt since it's the most iconic and arguably the cheesiest tourist shirt out there, hahaha! I don't think anyone can get tired of touring Asia :3 There's just too many things to see! \:D/ And OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH! Your comment TOTALLY made my day!! ❤❤❤ I wonder if Betty and Veronica will ever wear something like this, haha! :P

  3. I love your phuket shirt! and your eyes are so so pretty!

    1. Thank you Grace! :D It's thanks to the contact lenses, haha! I should get new ones though :P


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