6/04/2013 11:09:00 PM

FreshKon contact lenses

SM GTW dress

Dolly Wink falsies, Mom's pearl bracelet (vintage)

SM Accesories wig, Mom's pearl necklace (vintage, worn as a crown)

This book has been my guilty pleasure early last year. It was written by Australian author, Alexandra Adornetto, back when she was in high school in 2010. Three years prior to Halo's publication, she already had her other book, The Shadow Thief, published. Since then, she's made a name for herself in the American literary society, continuing the Halo series with two other books and now resides in the United States. Can you believe she's just my age? And she already has six books published internationally! Intense!

Aaaaand here I am giving my interpretation of how angels might look like nowadays if they were walking the earth. There's just something about white lace dresses, tulle, and pearls that give off a more heavenly look, don't you think?

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