Don't Fuss

6/03/2013 06:46:00 PM

(Photos by Kenny)

Nike golf cap (borrowed from Dad), DIY cut-off shirt

Eazy Fashion panda backpack

Patshionista watch, Blackberry Curve, Never Been Kissed dress (old), Goody elastics (wrist)

Fila socks, Converse high-cut Chuck Taylors (old)

Yet another black and white ensemble from me! I can't seem to hate this color combo no matter what I do! It's definitely my go-to palette whenever I'm running late for school and I don't know what to wear. Guess all those black and white uniform days have been embedded in my practice, even after high school graduation.

On a different note, I've been seeing a lot of Korean girls wear dresses and a shirt over them for the past months, but I've only yet to try that trend out. And when I did, I gotta admit, I'm thinking of what other dresses I have stored in my closet that I can style like that on another day, haha! Since school's started for us weeks ago (life of Trimestral schedules), I styled this trend in a more "school appropriate" manner, giving a more casual feel to it. Put on a baseball cap (another Korean trend), casual footwear,  grabbed my adorable panda backpack (my school bag whenever Domo-kun needs rest, heck even Dad finds this bag adorable) and I'm off to school! No fuss, especially on humid days here in our country.

Oh, on my last note: I'll be announcing who the lucky winner is from my Eazy Fashion giveaway soon. So check your Twitter mentions and your email okay? :) Eazy Fashion will also contact the winner. If that wasn't enough, Eazy Fashion is conducting another contest over at their Facebook page. So go check that out too! 

Congratulations, and thank you soooo much for joining my giveaway! Don't forget to join my Archie Comics giveaway too if you haven't yet, and may we have more wonderful giveaways soon! :D

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