Comfy Sweaters

6/30/2013 05:43:00 PM

American Apparel sweater (old), Goody elastics (hair)

Harvard shorts, from Hong Kong shoes (gift from Alex)

As June draws to a close, I've been slowly getting rid of my summer essentials and gearing towards my holiday clothes instead (even though December's still a few months away). Excited much? Haha! For the first time I'm pretty thankful for the colder weather. It gives me an excuse to dress lazily in the morning. Although the past few hell weeks leading up to our midterms (they start tomorrow, le foo) weren't helpful either. My brain was officially fried for two days straight thanks to my ever wonderful thesis. (sarcasm)

Gaaaah! Thesis, I rue the day I worked on you!

On a lighter note, if you're running out on ideas on what to wear in your closet, go rummage through someone else's closet! I'm not joking. I do this all the time! (yes, I'm so proud of it too, lolz) I've raided Kenny's closet, my mom's, my dad's, and for today, I'm showing off something from my brother's closet, huzzah!  

This sweater dress is not really a sweater dress. It's just a normal sweater my brother hasn't been wearing (it's not that cold yet for him to wear it anyways). So I took it out and gave it a run on one day I had to do some stuff at school (*ahem* get rid of my thesis paper *ahem*) Thank God I'm petite! I can pull off wearing this to school without being reprimanded for "violating the dress code" nyeh, nyeh, nyeh. Being petite has its perks once in a while too, har har~! I decided to tie my hair up  and wore simple makeup to give off a more effortless look to my whole ensemble (like my look isn't "effortless" enough as it is, lol). Perfect for chilly errand days! ❤

  (.   .)o

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  1. I love raiding my mom's closet haha. My sister and I would probably share more if I fit in her dress size. Just curious..why would your outfit violate uni dress codes?

    1. I'm a loyal customer when it comes to raiding my mom's closet too, haha! :P We have this rule in school where the length limit of the hem of your dress, skirt, and shorts must not be above 3 inches from your knee. I've escaped a lot when it came to that specific violation, heehee~ :>

  2. Oh, that sweater is adorable!! such a lovely colour. :)

    Style Without Limits

    1. Thank you Lucie! I've been wearing a lot of Blue lately too, haha! Never noticed how they can be easily styled either :)

  3. Adorable! i love this outfit so much, so simple but so cute!!


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