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6/25/2013 08:00:00 PM

(Photos of me by Kenny)

Fayeness shop glasses

Pinkbox bow, Goody Elastics (hair)

Dickies socks, The SM Store shoes

The weather and I have a love-hate relationship lately. I love the cooler weather when it rains, but the dark clouds make it really difficult to take outfit shots due to limited lights. Fortunately, Kenny and I were able to get these photos before the clouds came in and the rain started to pour a few hours later. Is this "Aegyo" enough? For now, I guess it'll have to do, heehee :)

Also!! On the way home, we came across this super adorbs Chow chow!!! *cue high-pitched squeeling*

It's so FLUFFYYYYY~!!! ❤

  (.   .)o

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