5/27/2013 10:35:00 PM

(Photos by Kenny)

SM Accessories hat, SM Ladies' Fashion vest (old), Baleno top, 17 Club skirt

Goody elastics (wrists), LoL. necklace from Sunny, Mustache necklace from Kenny

Forever 21 socks, Keds X Taylor Swift shoes

Yhansy ring, Patshionista watch

It was the first day of school last Tuesday, but it was also my 21st birthday! Finally, the dreaded day arrived and I was maybe a little bit excited to go to school. It was getting boring staying at home doing nothing. I missed my friends! I even missed doing something besides blogging @_@' I'm going back to my usual "post whenever I can" schedule. After doing the 21.21.21 series, I've realized I'm not yet cut out for the "post everyday" kind of schedule. I'm not that kind of blogger yet. I still have school to concentrate on. And I also learned that as a perfectionist, I can't NOT stick with the deadline regardless of how much stress it could bring me.

Anyways, back to what I wore for my birthday! I figured it seemed proper for me to wear red on my birthday. Some old Chinese tradition, so I've heard. So I did. (Kenny did too! Great minds think alike, harhar!) But since I wouldn't wanna look like I took a dip in the Red Sea, I opted to play with some neutrals along with the bold color. Balance has always been key. So I decided to wear my new Keds again! Aren't they totally cool?! I've been wearing them a lot since I got them! The white base with cute red and blue patterns are just genius. 

You know, I still can't properly describe my personal style whenever I'm asked about it. It's just "Me" I guess? Even my friends tell me I'm the only one who can pull off what I wear. Sounds really comforting to know that. 

Being myself is the best thing I can do with regards to my personal style. 

As long as it's cute and comfy, I guess that's my style. Even though I'm 21 now, I don't think I'll outgrow that kind of style. Like, ever.

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  1. I really love your shoes ~ you have such a super cute fashion sense!^-^ x

    1. Thanks Emily! :") For me, they're the cutest looking one among all the designs :D

  2. Nice blog and great outfit. ♥

  3. OH GOD I just love you in your Keds tennies!! They are my faves and you make them look amazing ;-)

    1. Thank you Jamie! I think they're the best looking ones in the Taylor Swift Collection too :3


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