21.21.21 - 19: Spontaneous Shopping

5/19/2013 08:04:00 PM

I have this thing whenever I get stressed. If I ain't in the mood to bend over backwards (literally) doing yoga to relax myself, I usually end up shopping to calm my spirits (if my wallet permits me). And after our mini Starbucks date yesterday, Kenny and I passed by Eastwood since I heard they had a bazaar there over the weekend. Lo and behold, the first two things that caught my eye: two statement watches that just screamed "Buy us, Sephie!" And so I did.

My retail therapy didn't end there though. I went to Etude House in the citywalk mall and got me some eye liner. Somehow, no matter what I do, I'll always end up using liquid liners. Gel liners are all well and great, but I wouldn't really advise it when you live in a tropical country and/or if your skin has a tendency to be excessively oily. So I got the Oh~ m'Eye Line in black from Etude House. Then before going home, I skimmed through the rest of the booths in the mini bazaar and found Dolly Wink falsies and got the more natural looking ones, just for those days I feel lazy to wear some mascara. I'm itching to try these babies out! Soon, I promise! :)

BTW. Have you joined my giveaway yet? :D If not, you still have 5 days to do so! It's easy! Just follow the simple instructions and your entry's all set! Good luck! :)

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