21.21.21 - 18: Coffee Fix

5/19/2013 03:23:00 AM

(Photos by Kenny)

Nike cap, Forever 21 cardigan (old), SM GTW top and shorts, Keds X Taylor Swift shoes, Goody elastics

It's been a while since I had some Starbucks. To think, back when I was in high school, everyone had to have their Starbucks fix. Granted, they do have great tasting drinks. But it was not just the drinks we were really after. It was considered more of a status symbol to us; to be able to hold a frappe or whatever drink from Starbucks (especially when you have your own Starbucks thermos -- how much does that small thing cost? Four times a regular Tall drink?) that you're considered cool and/or rich

Maybe at that time I had the same thoughts. Every time my friends and I go out to watch movies and eat out, we usually end up at a Starbucks at the end of the night. But after I had a taste of college, I completely dropped Starbucks off my system for more than a year! It totally saved my wallet from losing money, and I lost a ton of weight as well (no whipped cream, no unnecessary calories)! If I want my caffeine fix, I could just buy a 3-in-1 sachet of coffee for less than Php 20.00 (That waaaay less than US$ 1.00)! Think of how many cups of coffee I could get for just one Tall Frappucino?! 

To be fair, I do have moments whenever I wanna splurge. Those moments I usually order a nice Belgian Waffle and a cappucino to satisfy my cravings. But this afternoon, Kenny treated me to a venti Mocha cookie crumble frappe that we shared while I took his photo for the book he illustrated for his friend's thesis. It was a new flavor, but it tasted great nonetheless. Wouldn't expect anything less from Starbucks.

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