21.21.21 - 16: #ThrowbackThursday, Black and White edition

5/17/2013 01:30:00 AM

I had a spur of the moment idea after looking through my Lookbook photos when I realized how much black and white outfits I've worn over the years! I didn't even notice how much I've been keen to drift to this specific color palette from time to time. And with that, I learned how it never fails no matter how you style it! Take a trip with me on this huge Throwback Thursday featuring some of my black and white looks. Shall we? :)

☆ Circa 2008

(Photo by Den-den)
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Den-den was the first photographer I had when taking my outfit shots before. Whenever we go out or when we're in school, Den-den is my go-to photographer. During the last week of high school, Alex and I had a mini shoot while the other students were going home. And it just so happened that I wore this! So nostalgic! I still remember I had a haircut over the weekend before these photos were taken, hahaha!

☆ Circa 2011

(Photos by Val)
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Three school years ago, I met one of my College besties and aspiring photographer, Val. There was one time when I really asked her favor for this mini "photo shoot". I was out of my mind (I realize it now) since it was completely more of a "joke time photo shoot" done for pure fun. But Val's always game for anything, so we thought the whole thing through. I borrowed some of her stuff, we went around school, and found a place where there would be less chances of people passing through the halls. Then click click click with some goofing around in between, and voila! Le photos are done!

Golly how my hair was so short before! I had an urge to make a drastic change to my look, and the quickest way (that I can't back out anymore after I do it) was to cut my hair. It was timely, I guess, since a couple of months before high school graduation, I curled/straightened my hair to death for Cue drama's rendition of Greese. Damage had to be gone! So two days before high school graduation ball, I cut my hair. And I gotta admit, I kinda felt free :3

☆ Circa 2012

(Photos by Kenny)
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Last year, a few months after I started my blog under Blogger, I entered into this contest where we can get a chance to style Ms. Solenn Heusaff as a prize. I was super ecstatic and anxious at the same time during the Colgate Optic White launch when fashion elites were to critique one of our styled looks @__@ But after hearing their opinions, I couldn't be happier! It was a huge thing for me to be thrown into something I've never thought I could qualify in. But after seeing support from people I love, my family, friends, and especially you my readers, I began to establish the right amount of confidence I needed to get through my first major contest. All my thanks wouldn't be enough, but I still am grateful for all the help and support I get in this blog!

☆ In 2013 

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I'm turning 21 in a few days, and in my circle of friends in high school (a.k.a. high school barkada), Julia was the first one who turned the big legal age back in January. I was a little bit warry of wearing heels after my accident in 2012, but I figured, what the heck! At least I look good when I trip again, hahaha! Okay, I kid. I don't like getting wounds and scars, so I made sure I was more careful in my semi-formal outfit this time around, heehee~

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Whenever I get bored, I end up thinking out of the box when it comes to dressing up. And on a certain day, I just took a look in my closet and put together this daring number. More rocker-ish (at least I hope it is) than my usual sartorial choices. It feels good to change up your style every once in a while.

(Photos by Kenny)
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I remember doing this set of photos for an article I wrote for Bloggers Bunch (which I'll post here as well, soon). Kenny and I saw his brother at the park near where we took these photos. It's always a challenge for me to walk in sky-high heels whenever the ground is a little less smooth like the pavement. But with Kenny's help (always the gentleman), we got through this set smoothly! Fortunately too, since we were chasing after daylight that day.

(Photos by JJ)
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Whenever I can beg my brother to take my photos, it always ends up with me making do with a few stills to choose from. Thanks to him, I'm slowly learning the art of conservatism, meaning I take (hopefully) "awesome" photos that show everything I want and need to show and post a certain amount on my blog. When we took these photos, we had to rush since we were on our way to our assigned gate in the airport @_@ So click-click-click and we're done! Conservatism indeed! Hope I can practice this religiously in the next blog posts as well.

So timeless, so versatile. Black and White surely won't fail. And it's one trend that's always here to stay. I should know. I've been wearing that palette ever since I was 5 years old, hahaha! :P

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