21.21.21 - 15: Literary Fix

5/15/2013 11:41:00 PM

Yesterday, Kenny and I dropped by the mall for lunch before heading back to school to pay for my tuition. And after eating, we crossed to the nearby bookstore to get some literary fix. As soon as we got inside, Kenny went for the Lord of the Rings section and I went to the graphic novels section and slowly went to the magazines section (different interests indeed). It took me a while before I stumbled upon what I was searching for. When I found the Archie's comic books, I couldn't help but grab the two volumes immediately! The fact that they only had one more copy of Volume 1, (and that I just got my allowance from Mom the night before) fueled my drive to grab it and never let it go. 

I'm still searching for the actual smaller digests to add to my small collection, but knowing I have these two volume now, I'm SUPER HAPPY! I can't open them yet though since Kenny's giving me Volume 2 for my birthday next week (still, WAH! Thank you soooo much Kenny!! I LOVE YOUUUU~!!), and I bought Volume 1 for myself as a birthday gift as well @___@' Patience has never been my favorite virtue, so I have to find a distraction for the next few days first... Lord, help me! DX 

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