21.21.21 - 14: Eazy Breezy, Eazy Fashion Giveaway! [ - CLOSED - ]

5/15/2013 03:56:00 AM

(Photos by Kenny)

Goody elastics (wrists), SM Ladies Fashion button down, Crissa jeans, Keds shoes

Nothing beats a nice breezy casual look on errand days. Since I had to go to school today to pay for my tuition, I had to remind myself to stick to the school's dress code regardless of the schizo weather my country's currently facing. No shorts for this lady! The compromise? My favorite things on a nice lazy day! Wearing a nice cream sheer button down with a sleeveless white undershirt gives off a cool vibe, and pairing them off with some blue jeans and my over-used sneakers give balance to the otherwise crisp look of my top. And the cherry on top of it all would be nice loose waves for your crowning glory for an effortless look. Add in a nice happy smile and I'm all set to go (with no dress code violated)! :D

Here's what you all have been waiting for... My very first giveaway! Hooray!! 

You guys remember my all-out, Panda-loving post, right? If you don't, how could you forget? D: Anyhoo, as a girl who has a huge addiction to anything and everything cute and Asian, I've had an inkling to buy cutesy stuff since college started three years ago. It started off with boots, then I ventured into clothes and makeup, then to bags and accessories. I even dyed my hair light brown (well, more on hazelnut) to get into the whole Korean thing (until my roots began to show, le foo)! But whenever I can feel my heart skip a beat as soon as I set my eyes on something cute, the first thing I look at is the price tag. It gets really disheartening to see such an adorable piece of loveliness be so darn over-priced! Being on a student budget, I've been learning to manage my money properly deciding on what item I'd splurge on and which one I'd skimp on whenever I go shopping (online or offline). One of the best stores I've shopped in is Eazy Fashion.

Eazy Fashion is an online store catering to the fashion- and Asian-loving consumers such as myself. They began as a humble store in Multiply back in March 2011, supplying the country with stylish and posh products that can be bought online. As the demand for Japanese and Korean products grew, so did their business. They have then been known to offer fast transactions of on-trend products at SUPER affordable prizes that won't let your wallet cry a new ocean after shopping.

I've had enough experience with Eazy Fashion to say that I trust them with all I have when it comes to shopping. I am 110% sure that they stay true to their word (no delays, reasonable prices, easy transactions, worthwhile products) and that they practice professionalism above all else. And now, through their generosity, I present to you my first blog giveaway! (Open to Philippine residents only, I'm sorry :< )

Lo and behold! You can win both of these prizes courtesy of Eazy Fashion:

  • Eiffel Tower watch

  • Cross ring

(Photos c/o Eazy Fashion)

Can I just say, I am in LOVE with the Eiffel tower watch above? If only I could enter this giveaway myself, hahaha! It's the perfect watch for any occasion! And the studs surrounding it, lovely~♥ I love the cross ring as well! It's so blue and shiny, and a perfect statement accessory on your fingers on lazy days! Just wear that ring and (like how Mariah Carey says it) "hashtag POW!" Outfit complete, haha!

All you have to do is follow what is asked in the list below, and you're all set! 

  • Sign-up and be a member of Eazy Fashion's online store, and indicate in the "where did you hear about us?" part the name of my blog and my URL. (i.e. Strawberry Bunny | http://justsephierojas.blogspot.com)
  • Like Eazy Fashion on Facebook
  • Follow Eazy Fashion on Twitter and Instagram
  • Follow me on Twitter, and Lookbook (if you don't have one, it's easy to make one!)
  • Follow my blog on Bloglovin' (if you don't have one, it's easy to make one!)
  • Tweet this: "@justsephierojas and @eazyfashionph is having a giveaway on  http://tinyurl.com/dx9en7t #JSRgiveaways"
  • Leave a comment below with the following details:
    • Name
    • Facebook user name
    • Twitter name and URL of your tweet
    • Lookbook user name (if you have)
    • Instagram user name
    • Email Address
Have you scratched them all off your list? Yes? Awesome then! 

This contest runs from May 15, 2013 till 11:59pm on May 31, 2013. I will account the entries with the most number of points earned from what's asked, and will reveal the winner with the help of Random.org through my Twitter account. Winner will receive a congratulatory email as well. Good luck!

  (.   .)o


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  1. Name: Anne Dorothy Buyco
    Facebook user name: Anndies Items Bacolod
    Twitter name and URL of your tweet: @itsannedorothy https://twitter.com/itsAnneDorothy/status/334584156765954049
    Lookbook user name: http://lookbook.nu/annedorothy
    Instagram user name: @itsannedorothy
    Email Address: dorothy02_01@yahoo.com

  2. ☻Marylyne Sanciangco,
    ☻FB: Marylyne & Mary Leng (LikeandShop),
    ☻T: MissSanciangco and LikeandShop
    --- https://twitter.com/LikeandShop/status/334590892663005185
    --- https://twitter.com/MissSanciangco/status/334591210066944001
    ☻IG: lengsanciangco and likeandshophere
    ☻E-Add: missmarybaby20@gmail.com

  3. Name: Sheela Marie Castillo
    Facebook user name: Sheela Marie Castillo
    Twitter name and URL of your tweet: @sheelalalamarie & https://twitter.com/sheelalalamarie/status/334837101310906368
    Lookbook user name (if you have) : Sheela Marie Castillo
    Instagram user name: @sheelalalamarie
    Email Address: sheelamariec@gmail.com

  4. Name: Dovi Amor Sabong
    Facebook user name: Dovi Amor Cornillez Sabong
    Twitter name and URL of your tweet: @dovidovidoo
    Lookbook user name: Dovi Amor Sabong
    Instagram user name: none
    Email Address: dovisabong@gmail.com

  5. Name: Crystal Cruz
    Facebook user name: Crystal Cruz
    Twitter name and URL of your tweet:@crystahal
    Lookbook user name (if you have): Crystal Lagman
    Instagram user name: crystahal
    Email Address: crystalcruz1986@yahoo.com


  6. Name: Reina Tee
    Facebook user name: facebook.com/reinatee || Feather Mist
    Twitter name and URL of your tweet: @daintyhues || https://twitter.com/daintyhues/status/335006933725618178
    Lookbook user name (if you have): reindrops
    Instagram user name: reindrops_
    Email Address: rein.drops@yahoo.com

  7. Name: Leyanna Fortes
    fb user name: Leyanna Fortes
    twitter name and URl: @leyannafortes
    IG name: @leyanna_
    email address: chingan18@yahoo.com

  8. Name: Hannah MArie Feliciano
    Facebook user name:Thatfilipinachiq
    Twitter name and URL of your tweet: Thatfilipinachq https://twitter.com/ThatFilipinaChq/status/335229427850018816
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  9. Name: Cristina Faye Dimaano
    Facebook user name: Cristina Dimaano (facebook.com/xtinapay)
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  10. Name:sherry ann gole cruz
    Facebook user name:sherry ann
    Twitter name and URL of your tweet:@annkharize/https://twitter.com/annkharize/status/335673411554664448
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  11. Name: Mikee Mae V. Garcia
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  12. Name: Julie-Ann Sta. Ines
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  13. Name: Maria Celeste Moncupa
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    Lookbook username: Maria Celeste Moncupa
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  14. Name: Leizl Avelino
    Facebook user name: lapot.labnaw (Leizl Avelino)
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    Lookbook user name: Princess Leizl (princessleizl)
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    Email Address: lee_miaka@yahoo.com

  15. Name: Rochelle A. Mandocdoc
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  19. Name Diane Y Sy
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  20. Name : Trisha Marie B. Encarnacion

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    Instagram Username : don't have any

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  21. Name : Marian Crizia C. Acoba
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  22. mary rose cairel

  23. Name: Cassandra Dawn Blanco
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  24. Name: Cassandra Dawn Blanco
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    LookBook: Caz Blanco
    Email: iloveucaz@yahoo.com

    *correction on URL*


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