21.21.21 - 13: Sweater Weather

5/13/2013 09:28:00 PM

Audrey Hepburn shirt (old), Cartimar cardigan (old), Gift from Rach Strawberry mug

Pazzo shorts (old)

The winds are changing.. And the weather's finally shifting. I'm slowly saying bye-bye to Summer and gently replacing my beach wear for sweaters and jackets. It's that time of year in the Philippines when we embrace that warm cup of coffee in the morning, still sluggish and lethargic to face the day wishing we could still sleep through lunch instead. And when the rain comes in the afternoons to cool the Summer heat away, we're (hopefully) ready to snuggle up in our cardigans and sweaters again soon.

I, for one, love to wear shorts and a loose shirt at home, no matter what season it is. If it's cold, I just throw on a cute sweater, then take it off when it gets too hot. With the schizo weather the country has (regardless of the season), this seems to be the most practical thing to do. Either way, I could always cool off with iced coffee, or warm up with a nice cup of hot chocolate in my favorite strawberry cup Rach gave me~ ❤

PS: Don't you think I could advertise coffee in these photos? Har har!

  (.   .)o


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  1. Beautiful pictures! It's the exact opposite here in Japan, the weather is getting warm and warmer each days but with addition of clouds and occasional rain.

    1. Thanks Dea! :D How I wish I could go to Japan! D: I'd love for my Summer vacation to extend even for just a bit more >.< ;__;


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