21.21.21 - 12: A Thousand Roses

5/12/2013 11:38:00 PM

Last year, my parents and I heard mass at Mary, Queen of the Universe church to start off Mother's Day. It was such a sight to see the entire front area of the church to be filled with roses. After mass ended, the lector mentioned that a local flower shop donated 1000 full-bloomed roses to the church for Mothers' Day! It was so overwhelming, people started taking photos around after the final blessing! And of course, we were no different too, heehee~ 

My mom has always loved roses. Growing up, I always see my dad give her a bouquet of white roses whenever there's an occassion (birthdays, anniversaries, etc). I have to agree with Mom, white roses have got to be the most elegant kind of flower here is! They're simple, but beautiful, kinda how women should be. Seeing all these roses in different colors, grouped in giant pots though, I couldn't help but think that they look like lollipops, haha! 

I love you soooo much, Mom! Happy Mothers' Day!  And Happy Mothers' Day to all mothers out there!

  (.   .)o


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