21.21.21 - 11: Kenny talks Beauty

5/12/2013 03:30:00 AM

I got this set of questions from my old friend, Pattee, and I found it really funny and interesting, so I figured I should give it a try as well. Lo and behold, to my amazement how much of Beauty Kenny knows, hahaha! I'm a proud girlfriend :3

1. Give me 5 cosmetic brands.

- Avon, etude, covergirl, l'oreal, face shop

2. Give me 3 famous big boxes.

- What's a big box? :))

** I seriously don't know myself what's being asked here.

3. What is a Top Coat?

- Something like a trench coat?

4. What is BB Cream?

- That thing you put on your face to moisturize and cover blemishes.

5. What sort of makeup do girls use?

- Lipstick, foundation, eyeliner etc.

6. What is a Serum?

- A fluid used to cure something.

7. Why do we make facial scrubs?

- To whiten skin and lessen oil.

8. How do you apply anti-wrinkle products?

- Depends how strong it is but apply it to the skin directly

9. How do we put our makeup on?

- Layer by layer

10. What is a beautiful girl for you?

- Naturally beautiful like my girlfriend :"D

** I'm so lucky~!! :"3

Disclaimer: I do not own any of these photos, except for the last one.

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