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5/07/2013 08:00:00 PM

I am STOKED! After all those (literally) sleepless nights and grundgy mornings working my butt off in school this recently past term, I have finally claimed my prize!  Sweet, joyful, bliss! (I don't care if it's redundant, hahaha!)

My parents have had this thing with me and my brother when we were younger that helps motivate us to do great in school. We usually get a prize at the end of the quarter, term, or school year that shows recognition for all our hard work. Material prize or not, my brother and I have that objective in mind to help fuel our motivation to work hard every term. For him, it was video games or a choice where we'd eat out to celebrate; for me, it was a specific toy. Now that I'm in university, I never really expected it to be carried out even upto now. Since it gradually faded when I reached the end of high school, I assumed when college arrived, I wouldn't need it to motivate me as much as before. 

When I got my first set of 4's (which is the highest grade you can get in my school, kinda like an A+), Mom told me that I can pick out whatever prize I want that would be parallel to the number of 4's I got at the end of the term.  It was like music to my ears, I tell you! The little girl picking out which Barbie doll or stuffed toy she wanted off the shelves is now replaced with a college student picking out which piece of fashion she wants for school. Oh how time changes people, indeed! 

With the term coming to an end a few weeks ago, I discovered that I reclaimed my spot on the Dean's List again! It was more than what I expected, and I'm still forever thankful, especially to Ida and Shirlene who have always helped me during the term. All the hard work and prayers have paid off~

As for my prize, Mom got me these babies! What a way to merge three of the things I like: Shoes, Keds and Taylor Swift. How timely of it as well (we got this during Labor Day)! I have been looking for a few replacements for my older flats (the heat in the country is so bad, my leatherette shoes are beginning to crack, wth). And this lovely pair just has to be on my "Must Have" list. Although I'm eyeing the blue Champions dotted ones as well with the brown lining. I'm still super ecstatic to wear these off. Anchors away! Thanks Mom for these lovely babies!  ♥

Taylor Swift made five designs in collaboration with Keds. You can check out their photos and updates on Facebook here and here. I'm definitely a Keds girl. ❤

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