21.21.21 - 06: Bookworm

5/06/2013 08:00:00 PM

Dickies socks, Helga & Luna shorts

Fayeness Shop glasses, Goody ColourCollection elastic and Stay put hairpins (hair)

Thank you Kenny for this awesome Anniversarry gift you gave me! I love you sooo much! 

Don't Filet Minion and I look alike here?  (Yes, I named my Minion "Filet" and the store's cashier thought it was very clever of me to do so when we got him last year for my 20th birthday, har har!) Sorta? No? Okay, I tried.. 

Anyways! Taking a flashback down memory lane (especially when I found my old Archie comic books in my room after soooo long) when I read so many books back in the day. How I miss the luxury of time I had before, reading so many pocket books that my parents had to limit my purchaces to two books at a time! I even asked for books during Christmas can you believe it? Actually, rewinding back to the recent Holy Week break when Mom cleaned part of my room, she was astonished at the collection I had on my shelves. After all these years she asked me "Have you read all the books on your shelf??" and when I said "Yeah, I have, why do you ask?", she was speachless for a while, then she looked a bit amazed. She should see my friends' collections (hey, LoL-ers!) Well, I can't say I don't blame her. I love curling up in bed in a simple shirt and comfy shorts, hair in a ponytail, with a good book to read. I wish I could spend more Summers like that again. 

  (.   .)o


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