21.21.21 - 04: Summer Strolling

5/04/2013 08:00:00 PM

(Photos by Kenny)

Glam Rock Manila satchel, SM GTW shirt (old)

SM Accessories hat, Goody Stay put elastic

Fila socks, Asianvogue booties

Keds shoes (on the table)

After how many outfit shots in my room, I'm finally able to take an outfit shot outdoors! I can't believe I'm saying this, but I missed the outdoors! Thanks so much to the ever patient and oh so wonderful boyfriend of mine for taking these photos!

As much as I like wearing heels to add extra height to my otherwise lack of it, I can't spend the entire day wearing them. My feet will die!  So when Kenny and I take outdoor photos, I usually pack my heels and trot around in my flats till we find a nice area to take outfit shots. My favorite ones are my old red Keds. As a university student, I'm milking my last years walking the halls in flats as much as possible (I'm stocking up on them). Plus, my thighs will die if I climb up the stairs in heels, so I save my sky-highs for photos instead. It was also quite a challenge twirling around in these high heeled booties while trying to work the skirt and the hat. But after countless attempts, Kenny and I were able to get a few photos worth showing, and I figured the one I included here is the best. Thankfully we were able to capture it with no kids seen playing around. 

Speaking of kids, there was this little boy around 3-4 years old who apparently had a little crush on me when we were taking photos in the park, hahahahahaha! I'm sorry little boy, but I'm far too old for you.

  (.   .)o

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