21.21.21 - 03: Riverdale

5/03/2013 08:00:00 PM

Top (L-R): Jughead's Double digest No. 90, Archie's Pals 'n' Gals Double digest No. 93, Jughead's Double digest No. 105, Jughead's Double digest No. 106, Betty and Veronica Double digest No. 121, Betty and Veronica Double digest No. 124
Bottom (L-R): Betty and Veronica Double digest No. 125, Betty and Veronica Double digest No. 127, Archie's Double digest No. 137, Archie's Double digest No. 161

Part of my childood was spent reading these. Can you believe the first time I ever picked up and read an Archie comic book was when I was waiting for my turn at my dentist's office? Haha! Whodda thunk it? Recently I've started reading them all over again. It's like a breath of fresh air, I tell you! They may be worn and old, but I still can't put them down in time for bed. I feel like my 10-year old self again, reading comic books in the dark with only my bedside lamp illuminating my room while I'm tucked in bed with my pj's on, stuffed toy on the sides. I'm still hooked at the wild stories of these high school kids from Riverdale. And I definitely want more of them! If anyone has a copy of these old Archie comic books that they're willing to give away, I'm definitely interested! Kinda like a, um, early 21st birthday present for dear ol' me? Heehee~

  (.   .)o

PS:  That well deserved vacation I've been raving for during my finals week? I'm off to enjoy that at last! *happy dance* By the time you guys read this, I'm off to the beach and away from the scortching heat of Manila for a while! But don't worry, I'll be scheduling posts for you to continue reading everyday till my birthday as promised. Enjoy!


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