21.21.21 - 02: Normy wear

5/02/2013 08:00:00 PM

Goody Stay put elastics (hair), Vanillapop polo, Robinsons dept. store leggings (old), Dickies socks, The SM Store shoes

Hello comfort dressing!  It's been a while since I wore leggings. To think they were like my best friends back in high school. If given a choice, I'd wear comfy oversized polos like these everyday if I had a closet full of them! I actually wore this when I watched Ironman 3 with Kenny and my family over the weekend.

I have to admit, this is what we call "Normy" wear in school. With my studying in an art school, we're allowed to wear stuff you'd normally see people wear during fashion week and such or airport fashion (of course, as long as it doesn't violate the dress code). But a great number of students wear chill casual clothing like this. And I'm one of them. No frills, no loud prints, no boxy blazers, no sky-high heels. At first, as a freshman in college, I (like every other Frosh kid) was so excited to show off my style (especially after coming from 13 years of black and white uniforms). But as the years came, I slowly developed a love for dressing down like how I am dressed here once in a while. Sometimes my brain needs a break from any styling for the day. Lazy days are here to come and sometimes stay.

Here's a quick tip!  Still afraid of curling your hair with a hot iron knowing it'll damage your hair? Put it in a high bun instead! If you're a busy-(lazy)bee like me, then keeping your hair away from your face is a given in order to concentrate on your work. And with the heat our country's experiencing lately, it's a given so we're not to sweat our hair off! After a few hours of having it in a bun, let your hair breathe and you'll get lovely curls like the ones I have here! It also works if you wanna give more volume to your ponytail. Gosh, I sound like a car salesman, haha!  Try it out and I'm sure you'll get some sexy curls you'll definitely love.

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