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5/01/2013 08:00:00 PM

Universal Studios Singapore t-shirt (old), Love.Eyecandy blazer, SM Accessories wig, FreshKon contact lenses

Next shorts (old), FashionCookie ShoeAvenue booties

Welcome to the lovely month of May! Remember when I made a list of goals when I turn 21? Well since I'm turning 21 on May 21, I'm gonna make something similar to my 12 days of Christmas posts last year! This time however, I'm posting 21 entries from May 1, till my birthday! Let's begin, shall we? 

I'm sure everyone in the English speaking world has heard of a little show called Gossip Girl, yes? I've read a few books of it before they adapted it into the small screen, and one of my favorite characters was Little Jenny Humphrey. Not to mention that when Taylor Momsen gave her life on TV had my love for her grow tenfold! There's just something about how they styled Jenny that drew my eyes solely to her on every episode. So chic, so edgy, so anti-fashion that made her a fashion icon! Lol. Sorry Blair and Serena. But honestly, I felt kinda bad that they had to let her go after just a few seasons. *sad face* That, and the raccoon eyes she kept wearing were not really the best kind of makeup any teenage girl should be sporting... 

Raccoon eyes or not, I'm a tiny bit envious that I can't channel a similar amount of eyeliner on myself. With my natural Asian eyes (they're too big to be called Chinese), wearing too much dark eyeliner around my eyes will only make them look, well, smaller. Guess I'll have to stick with just eyeliner on the upper eyelids.

As for my outfit, I'm growing into the whole "mix casual with a bit of formal wear" formula into my outfits. Something tells me my old t-shirts are rejoicing on this note. Like this Universal Studios shirt I got when I celebrated my 18th birthday in Singapore, for example. I haven't really given them much attention except when midterms and finals weeks arrive. Huhuhu.. 

  (.   .)o

PS: I still am on the lookout for a neat online store who sells great quality contact lenses at super affordable prices. I know they're real and I know they're out there somewhere! I'm not just dreaming about it out in the open. I'd love it better if they're based from the Philippines, but I'll take my chances on stores abroad. :)

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