To all my readers, I need your help!

4/05/2013 11:31:00 PM

My dear readers, I have come to humbly ask for your help. One of the requirements we're asked to meet in my university is the ever headache-inducing thesis. For us students in the Multimedia Arts department, we have one term (that's 14 weeks) to finish the paperwork for our whole project. Then we're given two more terms for production (creating the product) and post-production (for marketing and the like). This term, I've been working really hard for my thesis pre-production. However I'm lacking respondents in my surveys *sad face* 

My topic? Practical Application of Mathematics for Kids. Somehow, people instantly dislike math when it's brought up. That, and/or we all cringe at the thought of solving for X, Y, Z. The cause of this? We don't really see the point of it, am I right? Why would I solve something I don't see myself using in my field of work? Who cares at what time should Train A leave the station in order to intersect with Train B if the latter leaves the station at this time? Who cares?? It's not fun learning these things anyways! I believe this incredible distaste for Math can be drawn back to our childhood days. So I wanna dedicate my thesis there. 

My goal is to successfully create an interactive instructional CD about the practical application of math in the daily lives of kids. As I was saying, my dilemma on this is my lack of respondents for my survey. So my dear readers, will you help me with this? :( Please help me answer these surveys (links below). The first one, think back to when you were 4 to 6 years old. How'd you learn math and what did you use to learn math? As for the second one, as a parent, would you find it great to let your child learn math with the help of interactive games?

I'm gonna love you so soooooo much if you guys help me with this! I really need to reach at least 80 respondents, so if you can also ask your family and friends and everyone you know to answer these, I'd love you forever!! You will help little old me pass my thesis! ;___; Please and thank youuuuu!

To answer Survey 1, click here.

To answer Survey 2, click here.

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  1. I've done the first one for you lovely^-^
    I sent the other ones to my parents, seeing as I don't have children but hopefully they'll answer it(: xx

    1. Thank you sooooo much Emily!! Your answer means a whole lot to me! ;___; Thank youuuuu!!!


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