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4/18/2013 06:48:00 PM

Aaaaaaaand I'm back to blogging! I'm done with finals already, hooray! To be honest, I'm not really that happy with the end of some subjects, and how I wish I could have done better in them, but I'm glad I survived them nonetheless. Right now as I wait for my grades to be revealed, I'm gonna rest my butt off for the remainder of the week. As for this first post-finals blog post, I'm taking a break from being in front of the camera for now since I gotta let my eyebags pack up first, har har! This is what happens when I don't sleep for a week. No, seriously. I kid you not. I literally didn't sleep for a week. When I do get to nap, they only last for like, 3-4 hours. Then I'm back to cramming everything till the day of submission. Being a multimedia arts student is no joke in my school. Sometimes I even think it's even more stressful than other courses out there.. 

Anyways! Back to this post. Can you believe this photo of the beach was taken circa 2009 (using my point and shoot too)? Is it that obvious that I'm on vacation mode already? And I'm thinking (and hoping that my grades would prove it as well) that I deserve a well-rested vacation! With all the work I put up with for the whole school year, I darn well deserve this vacation! So here I am all giddy and bubbly about it that I decided to make a mini vacation-wear post featuring three different styles when on the vacation. Sounds exciting? Scroll down to find out if you fit in any of the three different styles! 

Nautical Color blocking

Clockwise: BAYO striped bikini set and sunnies, Vanilla Pop shorts, House of Laurel wrap (folded in the photo), Before Ever After by Samantha Sotto paperback, SM Accessories hat

If you're as giddy as I am when going to the beach, or simply to relax when on vacation, then this first set would most likely come to your liking! Personally, I love wearing things that show off my happy mood since it rubs off on people too! I was lusting after this striped bikini set from BAYO when I first laid my eyes on them in their summer collection photos. Thank God they still had it when I got a chance to buy them myself! Their summer 2013 collection is something I am lusting after. If I had money, I'd probably buy every bikini set they have, haha!

Another thing I'm thankful for is this soft white wrap I got from the White's Hot Fashion face-off last year from the House of Laurel. I'm definitely gonna put it to good use and wear it on the beach this summer!

As for beach bums like yours truly, I always carry a book with me whenever I'm on break. Something I miss dearly now that I'm in college is reading books. I used to have all the time in the world to read during my pre-college days, and when I found out that Samantha Sotto was a local writer who is now internationally known thanks to her first ever book (Before Ever After), I knew it had to be worth buying. I'll prolly do a book review on this later on.

White's Hot

Clockwise: Speedo bikini set (old), i2i sunnies (old), SM Store sarong (folded, old), Archie's Double Digest comics, SM Accessories fedora

White's hot: fresh seems to be the theme for this second set. Can you believe I got this bikini set from Speedo four years ago? The fact that they're still cute and wearable to this day is definitely something! I have always thought that white looks sexy on girls. It's simple, but sexy. Surely everyone wants that, right? White and blue are a match made in heaven, and with a tropical/floral print on my old sarong, this whole outfit screams chilling by the beach this summer (with arguably my favorite childhood comic)!

Too hot for summer

Clockwise: Sassa bikini set (old), The Everafter by Amy Huntley hardbound book, Next shorts, Little Turp sunnies and sheer button down

If you're not a huge fan of staying under the sun on the beach, perhaps lounging around the pool area is more to your fancy? Or going around the resort? But nonetheless, you'd still wanna feel easy-breezy in a bikini! This last set right here would hopefully fit that scene. If you're not into taking a dip in the seaside, but still wanna look cool and fresh in the heat of the summer, wearing a string bikini from Sassa does the trick! Simple colorful coverups like this bright red pair of shorts from Next, and this sheer button down from Little Turp will make your outfit look youthful too! Not to mention it transforms your "lounging at the pool" look to a "let's explore the city" outfit instantly. Perfect for those out of town trips this season.

Shield your eyes with a pair of awesome statement sunnies like the ones I got from Little Turp, while reading a thrilling book like Amy Huntley's The Everafter with your wide-brimmed summer hat by the pool and relax the day away~

I'll be going to the beach soon and I'm super excited about it!  Hopefully I can show you how the three different sets will look like when worn by yours truly.  If you've read the books I featured here, feel free to tell me what you think about them! If you haven't read them, I honestly recommend them for your summer reading list. You won't regret it, I promise! 

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