Ready for Korea

4/20/2013 02:33:00 PM

How I wish I was really going to Korea. But with the recent disputes of the North and South, I doubt I'll be able to fly there. That, and the issue with my lack of funds, haha! In the meantime, I'll just have to settle for trying to look like one instead. For now. 

Easy Fashion Panda backpack (part of a set)

Eazy Fashion Panda cap and sling bag (part of set), Limecrime Makeup eyeliner, FreshLook contact lenses, Etude House lipstick 

SM Accessories wig, Next jean vest, People are Poeple dress (worn as top, old), FashionCookie ShoeAvenue booties

It's been a long time since I was last blonde, lol. Okay, since I last wore one of my other blonde wigs. Yes, that's right. I have two blonde wigs, both I got for one of my photography classes' finals shoot. My prof was so technical with our final models that if our peg photos had blonde models in them, we had to find blonde models too when we recreate the photos. Or get a blonde wig. Such demands! So in the end, I resorted to the latter choice and had this and the long one ever since. At least I still get to use them, right? 

I've noticed lately that different hair color equates to different styles. Some color palettes go really well with Blondes, but will look entirely different on Brunettes or Redheads. Can you imagine me without the blonde wig in this outfit? Totally different, right? Hmm... I should look into this more. It's got my curiosity piqued. 

Anyways, back to what I'm wearing.. One thing I love about fashion is that you can be whoever you wanna be. With different clothes, accessories, makeup, it all depends on how you apply them to come up with the look you want. Like my love for Asian fashion can be shown whenever I wear colored contacts and a blonde wig, lol. One of my current addictions? I've been slightly-obsessed with pandas for the past few weeks, if it isn't obvious yet. They're just so darn adorbs! And the source of my panda-love comes from an online store called Eazy Fashion. They sell really adorable stuff (like everything with a panda on it that I have here for example) at really, REALLY affordable prices! Case in point: I got the panda backpack with this panda sling bag along for less than Php 1,000.00 (that's less than US$ 24.00)! Convinced? Check out their catalogue now! As for me, I'mma make use of these wigs from time to time, so wish me luch with finding the right palette for them!

  (.   .)o

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  1. Replies
    1. WAAAH! You commented!! @o@ I am shocked but happy!! >>:D<< ❤ THANKS BB!! We will go to Korea together some day! But first, a trip to HK soon >:P

  2. waaa haven't been to your blog for a while! You actually suit the blonde wig :D I kind of want to be that blonde too but I feel like my hair might disintegrate with the chemicals I've been putting on it. Accch. Love the panda love in this post :3

    Wanna go to Korea tooooooo T.T

    1. I love every bit of recipe you put in your blog, seriously! I just wish my kitchen would allow me to make them T__T Our oven has been dead for 3 years already, haha! I wanna be this blonde too, if there'd be an exception of not killing my hair in the process >.<' Some day, we'll go to Korea for sure! :3

  3. omg I thought you were actually going to Korea. /disappointed
    But then I saw your cute self, and I wasn't disappointed anymore. xD So true about hair colours. That's why I love wigs. :D

    I freakin' love your bag btw!

    - Rae xoxox

    1. I'm so sorry for making paasa :)) But I do so badly wanna go there! D: #MoneyPlease Someday talaga! :)) Thanks so much Raeeeee!! I'm not sure if Eazy Fashion ships worldwide, I should ask them! :D Miss youuuuu~ <33333


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