4/21/2013 06:10:00 PM

SM Accessories wig, DIY floral crown, FreshKon contact lenses

One reason why I'm into fashion is 'cause it can take me to so many different places and I can be whoever I want to be just by creating diversified looks. One minute I'm (in my friend, Gian's words) "a daughter of K-Pop royalty" in Korea, the next I'm (according to one of my fans on LB) "a goddess of cuteness" in some forest kingdom with my fellow fairies as their princess. Or in simpler ways, one day I can be Blonde, and later I can be Brunette again, haha!

I'm really happy to see people like the things I share and post here in my blog. It feels good to know there are people out there who support me with what I do. I still am studying this whole blogging thing. I haven't been doing this long either to call myself an expert on it, but it's not always just "Ooh! Picture here! Smile! Pose in different clothes! Okay let's put this in my blog! :D". Actually it's never been like that, much to what I learned. It's a lot more work than it looks. One does not simply make content for a blog and expect it to be good. (Yeah, that could be a meme.) I've been studying a lot about the different elements blogging possesses. Like which angle works best for me or my subject, what time of day does the sun shine best in photos, how do I get this effect done right with my camera (point-and-shoot or dslr), and the like. It's a lot of hard work but it's also fun when I enjoy doing it -- and you can tell that I am enjoying it. And knowing that my work is loved by people is one of the best rewards for it. So thank you for all your love and may I be blessed by your continuous support in the future!

On a totally different note: Le sigh... Hopefully my grades would be the same tomorrow.. #dread 

  (.   .)o

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  1. such a pretty shoot of you! i love it :)


  2. Such a nice post here is shown so i like it very much so keep it up for more post.


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