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4/25/2013 06:34:00 PM

Last Monday, Ida, Shirlene and I had our photos taken for our yearbook. Coincidentally, Donn Rae (who's part of the yearbook staff) was also there to facilitate. And with it being the first day of yearbook photo shoots, the yearbook staff was there to take some sample shots to guide the other yearbook subscribers with regards to what will be happening during their scheduled shoots. 

Aaaand Donn Rae was their model, hooray! 

After registering, we were led to the beauty stations with our corresponding beautician (first photo above). Everyone has the privilege to have their hair and makeup done by professional artists. Boys, however, can only have at the most, some foundation and powder padded on their faces for their toga shots. But for their creative shots, they can have whatever done to their faces as they please. 

For everyone though, if they'd want some special Fantasia fairytale-esque kind of makeup done, they'd have to pay an additional fee for that. Everything else is all part of the package paid.

Donn Rae, you looking good! 

I seriously wish I'd have something like this in my room/house~ 

For the girls however, we can have the "full monzy". We can get our makeup done..

Our hair done, etc! 

They said come to the shoot bare-faced, so here I am on the chair ready to be made picture perfect, lol!

Maggie, my makeup artist and hair stylist, started off with powder and foundation on my face after hair pinning my bangs away. The whole time, we were just talking about makeup and beauty essentials. I learned a lot from her! 

Since Donn Rae finished earlier with his "makeover", I asked him to take some photos for me. Too bad Shilene and Joyce finished sooner too, so we couldn't get a photo of them much during their makeover  *sad face*. Conveniently, Ida was sitting across my station. Target acquired. Mwahahaha! 

Maggie enjoyed curling my hair so much (she thought at first that my hair was thin since it's super straight, but it's really naturally straight and thick), she even curled my bangs, har har! According to Shirlene, I look like I could model for Etude House, hahaha! I wish! I've never looked (and felt) so glamorous in my life! 

I shall spare you from my (kinda) embarassing photo in a toga. So I'll insert this photo of Ida getting ready for her creative shots for the yearbook instead, heehee! Btw, if you're not satisfied with your photo, you can ask for a re-shoot but you'll have to pay an additional fee of Php 100.00 for 3-5 shots. 

After finishing the toga and creative shots, you're called to pick which photos you like for them to edit. These photos will be the ones they'll feature in the yearbook, so be sure you pick the ones you're satisfied with! Then you wait (which is what Shirlene and Joyce were doing here) for them to finish burning everything into a CD that'll serve as your souvenir! 

Remember my Hello Kitty look? Well, I figured it showed off my personality well enough so I decided to recreate that look for my creative shots. My personality is (maybe) that of a blogger. So I had my cute outfit and my camera with me as a prop (which you can provide for yourself as well to show more of your personality).

Practice all the poses you could possibly make, so you won't waste too much time when in the actual shoot. The photographer was really happy when he took my photos especially since I moved around the set. The only limitations you have here are the limits you make for yourself. So don't be scared to do whatever pose you want! Have fun and it'll show in your photos too. 

According to Donn Rae, the four photos you'll select for your creative shot will be something like this. Pretty cool, huh? I had loads of fun in this shoot, and if it were only possible, I'd love to do it again! 

If you haven't scheduled your yearbook shoot yet, I encourage you guys to do so! Have fun, enjoy, and good luck on your shoot! 

  (.   .)o


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