A Year After

4/14/2013 07:48:00 PM

Gasp! What is this? A blog post??  Okay yes I couldn't resist. I HAD to post at least once this weekend. The force is strong with this one...  Aaaand my Lookbook account turned 1!  Yep, I've been in the community for a year now. I started off last April 13, 2012. And after a few outfits later, I started my blog. Hooray! When I started out though, I was quite worried that I wouldn't fit in with all the other Lookbookers out there with better photos and equipment. Then I realized, they got to where they are by starting it out small as well! Everyone has to start somewhere, right? 

SM GTW blazer, Green Berries top

Crissa jeans, FashionCookie ShoeAvenue shoes

Pardon my lack of makeup on. I only squeezed in this super short shoot in my mountain of final requirements last night. Yeah, while I was waiting for my 3D animation file to finish rendering (batch rendering in Maya is a big pain in the behind), I was doing this in my room at around 10 o'clock in the evening. Hence the white lighting... and the semi-unrully hair. And due to burning the midnight oil for the past week, my eyebags decide to join in on my shoots! Sigh, beggars can't be choosers, as they say. Speaking of work, I should get back to finishing my thesis. My defense is tomorrow and I still have to edit my paper. If only it can go finish writing itself, everyone would be happy... Can't wait for this hell week to end already!  Lord, give me strength.

PS: If you wanna celebrate with me, follow me on Lookbook and hype my looks if you like, please and thank you! ❤

  (.   .)o


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  1. Gorgeous blazer! Love the color!!

    1. Thank you Stephanie! :D Hey we have the same first name :3 Cool! :))

  2. love your blazer, looks so pretty! xx

    1. Thanks Bernadette! It's slowly becoming my favorite, heehee :3


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