4/22/2013 03:14:00 AM

Okay, so I have exactly a month to go before I turn legal-legal (apparently age 18 is just legal enough to vote and go to prison, but it's still not legal enough to go to clubs and gamble in casinos, lol). And with that, I made a small bucket list of what I'd wanna do when I turn 21. I present to you, my "21 things I wanna achieve when I turn 21" list! My friend, Patee, did something similar when she was about to turn 21 earlier this month, and I figured I should do it too. Since I'll be turning 21 on May 21, I'mma call this one my 21-21-21 list! :D Basically it's just a list of 21 things I aim to achieve as soon as I celebrate my birthday. Or better yet, the day after my birthday since I'll be spending time with my loved ones on my birthday. So from May 22 onwards till I turn 22 next year, I'll be setting my mind on trying my best to tick off all of the things listed here! Although some may seem fairly easy to do (based on other people's opinions), I have considered possibilities of what I could include here instead, but I figured, the ones listed here would pose to be more interesting. Sometimes, the easiest things are the hardest to achieve, right? As one of my favorite HIMYM characters said it, "Challenge Accepted!" Wish me luck! 

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  1. LOL I like your list. Good luck. I hope you accomplish all.


    1. Thanks Jho! :D I'll do my best :) I have a whole year ahead of me and anything can happen :3


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