Robin and Garfield, Mustache and LoL.

3/01/2013 09:00:00 PM

(Photos by Kenny)

February 25 has been a really unforgettable date for me ever since I was in 4th grade. But not since 2012 have I had a perfectly good reason to celebrate it. No, it's not just because it marks the Anniversary of the EDSA Revolution ending the Marcos Regime years ago. I celebrate this date for a more personal reason. To me, February 25 marks the Anniversary of my first date with Kenny! *✧・゚:* \(◕ω◕✿)/ *:・゚✧* (No revolution involved) ❤

Mustache necklace from Kenny, LoL. necklace from Sunny

LoL represent! If any of my LoL friends are reading this, drop a comment so I can feel the love! Hahaha! :P btw I miss y'all!

Bench Body shirt, SM GTW shorts (old), Adidas watch, Goody ColourCollection elastics (wrists)

Dickies socks, Keds shoes

Safari Garfield backpack gift from my godmother (old)

Fayeness Shop glasses

Forgive me for my fickle-mindedness (is that even a word? Let's just say it is). I actually have two sets of photos for this post. The first ones were taken earlier when Kenny and I explored my neighborhood for a good spot to take photos (location is key for every photo), while the second one was a set we took while milking the sunset lighting later that day (I'm practicing my back-lit photography while I can). 

Like I said, we were in search for a nice place to camwho − I mean, to take photos of each other to celebrate the day. Originally, we thought of going to the park where we used to take photos (how I miss!), but there was like, a soiree/mixer happening there (yeah, on a holiday nonetheless, I can't believe it myself). Sooooo we ended up roaming around the area instead. Since the clouds were kinda blocking the setting sun where it's usually picture perfect in my neighborhood, we decided to head back to the park, only to see that the soiree kids were not playing games anymore like they were ealier, but were dispersing into their own groups (boys with boys, girls with girls, what's the point of a soiree if this happens??) and they basically hogged every inch of the park area! (T__T*) Booo! Unfair! 。゜(`Д´)゜。 #EndRant

Long story short, we stopped by the open basketball court area instead since I saw a nice photo opportunity as the sun started to go down and the golden hour was arriving (must not let it pass! *cue Gandalf meme here* hehehe). Aaaaanyways, that's when the second set of photos were taken as you can see. One thing you can probably notice more now with the help of the sunlight is that my roots are definitely more noticeable now. So with that said, I decided to color my hair again! No, not like how bright it used to be (how I wish!). But with the speed my hair grows now, and the lack of funds I have to maintain that color for a while, I had to revert it to something closer to my original dark brown hair color... You'll see soon, hopefully.

I went for a nice casual look for today's theme. I felt like an explorer with my Safari Garfield backpack hanging on my shoulders too! Feeling like a Korean Dora the Explorer, har har! Annyeonghaseoooo! Can you believe I've had this backpack with me since I was in 4th grade?? My godmother gave it to me for my birthday from Hong Kong I think? Wish I had a Hello Kitty one like it too, hahaha! Casual looks like these don't need to be thought about too much when deciding what to wear. A nice shirt, shorts, and sneakers do the trick just fine! In Kenny's case, jeans, brown top-siders, and a cool graphic tee fits his bill every time. Hmm... Maybe I should include his outfits more often in my posts... :-/ What do you think? (n゜∇゜n)

Oh, and one more thing..

Don't they look cute?? One thing I like about walking around neighborhoods during sunset is that the babies and dogs have their afternoon walks. Cuteness overload! Wish I had my own puppy too~ o(;△;)o

  (.   .)o

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  1. Garfield! I like your look. I hope you too had a lovely day. :)

    1. Thanks so much Jho! I had a really lovely day :")

  2. i love your shorts!! :))
    even your necklaces. sooo pretty! :">

    Rae \(^o^)/
    Raellarina - The Ballerina on Fire


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