Muy Caliente!

3/23/2013 07:24:00 PM

(Photos of me by Den-den)

A few weeks ago, LoL celebrated our Bhosz' 21st birthday! This marks the second 21st birthday among all of us LoL people. And the countdown continues... Seriousness aside, Kyla had Mexicali cater her house party, and boy, were we stuffed with Mexicali goodness!

Is it lame for me to say that I'd rather hangout with my friends at a karaoke bar, eat great food while catching up on what we missed since we last met, than to drink pricey alcohol, attempting to "dance" in a crowd of people getting blinded by the strobe lights while trying to get rid of pervs looking dirtily at your way at a night club? :-/ I'm definitely no party girl :))

Nachos, I can never get enough of you~

Some of my friends dressed up as comic Mexicans in theme, fake mustaches and all :))

Ola Sunny! :D

My half-eaten burrito Rach and I shared together and some Quesedilla =)))

Pasta (birthday tradition for longer life!)

and Tacos :")

Okay, we all agreed that the piñata looks kinda evil @_@

Vanillapop top, SM Accessories belt, Next jean shorts (old), Goody ColourCollection elastics

Of course, I can't resist documenting what I wore to the event as well, heehee! :3 Luckily, Den-den is always open to taking my photos for me. Muchas gracias Den-den! :*

I looooooove the back part of this top from Vanillapop! The fabric is so light -- but not too light that it'll be kinda revealing (unless you stare at it from up close under bright lights), that it's definitely muy bueno for Summer! Plus, the polka-dots are a perfect contrast to the print in front :)

Fila socks, Asianvogue shoes

Aside from Dickies, Fila also offers quirky patterned socks like these aztec ones I'm wearing. They're super duper adorable! Who says socks can't be made into a fashion statement? /:)

I'm such a sucker for wonderful interior. And Kyla's house has a lot of them!

The mask looks so dramatic in the lighting, hahaha! I'm sorry, Kyla. I couldn't resist. :P

Of course, a mirror shot of myself.

Everyone: *singing catchy 90's songs*
Kyla's mom: Excuse me! May I have your attention please!
Everyone: Awwwww! D:
Kyla's mom: It's time to break open the piñata! :D
Everyone: Yeeeeeeeey! =)))

One of Kyla's college friends was able to crack that evil piñata, after two other girls weren't able to. The strength men have! Well, actually, in all technicality, he didn't really break it by hitting it. He hit it so darn hard, the piñata's string snapped and it cracked open when it hit the floor @__@ =)))

And since it hit the floor, it didn't really rain candies, so they ended up having to shake the stuff out =)))

Since the others went for the spare change (you could collect enough for a commute home, har har!) I went straight for the candy >:3

Then Zhar and Den-den started to play with the confetti (oh look, a stray piece of candy in mid-air!) =))

Everyone: *singing catchy 90's songs*
Kyla's mom: Excuse me! May I have your attention please!
Everyone: Awwwww! D:
Kyla's mom: It's time to blow out the candles! :D
Everyone: Oooooohhh! =)))

Kyla wore the Mucha Lucha wrestling mask Sunny got when she visited Mexico last year. It was funny how it matched the theme so perfectly =)) More singing and drinking came after that. We had so much fun! It was a great breather from all the stress school brought us then. @_@ Happy Birthday Bhosz! Hope you enjoyed your 21st! And may we not miss a single LoL-er's 21st birthday ever ;) 

  (.   .)o

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  1. it seems like you guys have fun! i miss my friends. >.< HAHA. Anyway, i like your shoes and your tops! it's so nice!!! My first time to ever been in your blog, i wish to see more of you soon!!


    1. Thanks so much Czarinna, we had loads of fun! :D Follow me on Bloglovin for more updates on my blog. Drop by here again soon, mkay? :) You should catch up with your friends too, Summer's already at your doorstep :3 Perfect time to go to the beach \:D/


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