Floral Leprechaun

3/26/2013 03:00:00 AM

Quick post since I can't resist not blogging regardless of my days when I'm swimming in work and deadlines for finals >.<'

The Gap cardigan, Baleno top, SM Accessories belt and hat (old), Jellybean floral skirt (old)

Yhansy bouquet ring (old)

Dickies socks, The SM Store shoes

Mixing the Color of the Year (emerald green) and one of the trends this season (florals) in one go here. Although I look like I'm ready to celebrate St. Patrick's Day, it's too bad we don't have it here in our country *sad face* I wanna experience it once in my life at least. I heard it's really fun! Although instead of just sticking to a palette of green, I opted to add in a few more splashes of color. Simple accessories, and no watch this time around. Just an old charm bracelet I got back in the days. Else, it'll look too overly done.

On another note, don't my socks look adorable? The white cottony ruffles remind me so much of fluffy clouds. (◠‿◠✿) And the tiny white hearts look super cute amongst the light green color of the entire socks. Matched with my shoes, they remind me a bit of Lemon and Lime. Something perfect for the Summer.

  (.   .)o

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