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(Photos by me and Kenny)

Last Saturday, Kenny and I went to his batch's graduation ball over at the PICC Forum 3. It was a formal cocktail event so I expected a lot of guys and girls in coats and ties, and in flowy dresses and high heels standing and dancing the night away. And knowing how DLSU parties go, I was expecting a whole lot of fun! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ~*:・゚✧*:・゚✧

The event's name and theme is APO110 and Galaxy respectively, the name being a clever wordplay on the batch celebrating the event. Our batch year level and the start of our ID number is determined by the year we graduated high school. So since majority of us graduated last 2010, our year level is 110. Those who graduated HS last 2011 is batch 111 and so on. Cool huh? :)

If you've watched Adam Sandler's movie, Just Go With It, co-starring with Jennifer Aniston (it's the movie Kenny and I watched on our first date ❤), they had this game where they had to bring the coconut that was secured in between their tummies to their lips without touching it with their hands. Only instead of using coconuts, the people used balloons at the party. So you can just imagine the crazyness that happened althroughout the game, hahaha!

Super strong mixed drinks @_@ I only had 1 shot or else Kenny will have had to carry me the rest of the night. Gah! My alcohol resistance is so weak now! ;___;

Cool lighting effect on the table decoration, I couldn't resist. ❤

SM GTW dress, Mom's vintage belt

I went for an LWD (little white dress) this time since Black is so over-used in my closet. Plus I wanted a change for once. And I'm not a fan of wearing pastel, metalic, or very frilly and colorful dresses at night @_@ The lace bodice of this dress caught my eye and I knew I gotta have it for this event. Something sweet and elegant, but not too stand out-ish that it'll make me outshine Kenny. After all, I'm his date for the night. I shouldn't hog the spotlight, right?

CLN clutch (old)

Simple arm candies and a cute grape-colored studded clutch I got for my high school grad ball! See? Investing in key pieces like these can save you tons of money in the future.

The SM Store earrings (old)

And again, earrings I wore to my grad ball back in high school.

CMG heels (old)

Can you believe Dad was the one who helped me pick out these lovely grape-colored heels for my gradball too? He said they matched my dark purple dress back then (and my clutch too!) I gotta say, matching Purple with Cream or White is something I've never seen anyone do before. So it was a risk for me to match them together hoping they'll mesh well. I personally think they work well. It's a nice change from the usual Black + White/Cream, or White/Cream + Gold combo I keep seeing around (and I'm guilty of doing too). What do you think?

I'm super sorry Kenny, if we took so long taking these photos ;___; #BloggerDuties We made the most out of the limited lighting outside since the strobe lights inside were just crazy! And I hate using flash. -__-

PICC is just a few blocks away from Star City, a small local theme park located in the Metro. And from where were were taking photos, we could see the ferris wheel still going around. I miss riding ferris wheels! They always give off a romantic vibe for me :)

Of course I documented what we both wore to the event.  Here's what Kenny wore. Doesn't he look dashing? :") ❤

Oh yeah, he's wearing jeans instead of slacks. It works well, doesn't it? ;)

When the program ended, the after party started. Time for the drinks! Attack!! *✧・゚:* \(◕△◕✿)/ *:・゚✧*

The awards were given towards the end of the program. Kenny and I were in line for the photobooth when they announced the Coutest Couple of the Night. And though we didn't win (blah, we should've been nominated! D: haha!), everyone (heck, event he guys who ran the photobooth) knows that we're the Cutest Couple Forever! (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ Hahahahaha! Also, the photobooth camera loved us so much, we had to re-take our photos twice because the strobe lights keep syncing with the flash of the photobooth, causing one photo out of the four to turn out black @__@ In the end, we got 2 photobooth print outs, one of which was for free. (*ノ・ω・)ノ

When we left the afterparty, we walked around the area and found this hallway. PICC is known to be the place where people hold graduation ceremonies. This hallway leads to the lobby I think. Kinda creepy at night when the lights are turned off @__@

Check it out! The balloon looks like it has glowing eyes! XD

Since we didn't catch the minimal food they served in the event, Kenny and I had some Midnight Mcdo dinner to munch on afterwards. ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ What a night! I couldn't imagine it go any other way though. It was definitely waaaaay better than my high school grad ball. Like, lightyears better than high school. Better company too! :") Makes me wish the night went on forever~ Thanks so much for asking me to be your date for the night, Kenny! I love you with all my heart till forever ends ~ ❤ Till the next party! ;)

  (.   .)o

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